51 Daring Edgy Hairstyles and Haircuts Worth Trying in 2023

Express yourself through your hair! Let it be the rebel that you want to be and go for one of these edgy hairstyles. We have one for every taste and age, so just take your pick!

1. Edgy Hair with Choppy Layers

We had a version of this hairstyle grouped with anime hairstyles so you can get the best of both worlds wrapped in one!

2. Edgy Shag Mullet Hair

Go for a black and white look that combines the colorless aesthetic with a sprinkle of light.

3. Rounded Shag Edgy Hairstyles

Combine a shaggy cut with a grape color to get an edgy look, and soften it with rounded bangs and sides around your face.

4. Edgy Mullet with Sharp Angles

Or go the opposite route and stick to sharp angles and a messy cut for a more vintage look.

5. Edgy Emo Styled Hair

The combination of black and dark purple is a favorite of goth and emo styles, and you can use it for your own edgy look!

6. Edgy Sunrise Hair

You can use conventionally happy colors to set yourself apart. Colorful hair is still edgy, it’s all in the style and the attitude!

7. High Layer Wolf Hair

Give yourself the lone white wolf vibe with this platinum white mullet! Besides, white is still a non-color and you can accessorize.

8. Edgy Mullet with Short Bangs

Use sharp angles and short bangs to create an edgy look that works for any age, even past your twenties!

9. Young Wild and Free Edgy Hairstyles

Throw out conventions about neat and orderly hair with this rugged, messy do!

10. Rainbow Hair

Try a faded rainbow hair with some feathered edges to create a soft alt look.

11. Edgy Ginger Curls

Set yourself apart through color alone! Combine bright hair with dark accessories and be both in line with any dress code and edgy at the same time!

12. Navy Blue Root and Royal Purple Melt

You can combine cute concepts like this wavy hair do with unusual colors and create a uniquely yours look!

13. Edgy Mermaid Green

Dare go to the deep end and get a sea green mermaid hair to match your edgy soul!

14. Punk Shaved Mohawk

If you’re not sure if you should shave your head, try pinning your hair down like this!

15. Curly Faux Hawk

And then get undercuts because you like the look! The curly top will naturally stick up in a faux mohawk.

16. Floppy Top

If your hair is soft, the top of your hair will go floppy and invite people to ruffle it. With your permission, of course!

17. Pastel Pink Pompadour

Edgy doesn’t have to be grungy! You can have elegant pink hair and undercuts and you will be the queen of any room you’re in!

18. Edgy Hairstyles for All Ages

Age is not a prerequisite for being edgy! You can discover yourself at any age and you can get the hairstyle that fits that identity!

19. Vertical Pixie Curls

If you have short black hair you can always make it stick upwards in a complicate looking do like this!

20. Baby Punk Hair

Baby thin hair does best in this kind of very short hairstyle, with a bit of a longer top and shorter sides.

21. Green With Envy

People will turn green with envy when they see you boldly wearing this lovely color!

22. Sea Blue Edgy Hairstyles

Bring the sea to you with this blue hair styled in waves and shades like moving water!

23. Wet Hair Look

Go for a wet hair look all day every day to set yourself apart! Wear with purpose, you rock it!

24. Edgy Bob Hairstyles

Spice up your bob haircut with some edgy colors! Go for purples, pinks or black and combinations!

25. Reverse Roots

Who said going white has to be boring! Play with the stereotypes and dye your roots purple and leave your hair white. Add an undercut for good measure!

26. Fiery Passion

Let your fiery spirit shine through in your hair! Combine it with a pixie cut and you have your hairstyle!

27. Sharp and Shaved Edgy Hairstyle

There is really not much to say about this hairstyle. If you feel it, get it and wear it proudly!

28. Secrets and Shaves

Drop the hair and the shave disappears like magic. And it is the magic of thick hair!

29. Pointy Green Edgy Hairstyles

Go short, go green, go sharp! What could be cooler than this hairstyle!

30. Edgy Hair Braids

Use a French braid to emphasize your side shave or even to replace it completely!

31. Harry Potter Inspired Edgy Mullet Hairstyles

This is probably what his hairstyle would have looked if he was a teenager in the mid 2000s! It’s okay, you can wear it now instead!

32. Straight Up Mohawk

Remember the fauxhawk above? Well now it’s time for the real thing! Make it stick up for your choices!

33. Tempered Down

And when it’s time to look “presentable” aka boring, you can always temper it down like this!

34. All In One Edgy Hairstyles

Can’t decide? Not a problem! Get almost all the long styles combined in one, like this!

35. High Top Pixie Cut

Proof that age is just a number! You rock that white mohawk and stare down anyone who dares to look at you the wrong way! You are one confident queen!

36. Tattoo Show

Show off the sides of your head with this proud, thin hawk! And since you have this blank canvas, why not paint it too?

37. Goddess of The Arctic

Wear this wet gray hair look to most events and parties and steal the show! As it is fitting for someone as impressive as you.

38. Blunt Edges and Spikes

Break off the blunt edge of the undercut with a few spikes just above the ear.

39. Red-streak Hairstyle

Sometimes all it takes to make your edgy soul happy is an unusual placement and combination of colors!

40. Uneven Colored Edgy Hairstyles

Play with symmetry and asymmetry of colors and create an unique look for yourself!

41. Textured Bob with Green Ombre

Go green, and we mean the hair! The combination of green and black is inherently edgy, but a tame haircut can balance it.

42. Blue Waves

Play with the colors and see how far you can push the balance between mainstream and edge! Try blue hair next!

43. Razor Cut Shag

You can get a rounded, tame shaggy haircut to combine edgy and mainstream and fly under the radar.

44. Cute and Edgy Bob Cut with Bangs

You don’t need to dye your hair or even get the shaggy look to look edgy. An uneven bob or asymmetrical haircut will do just the trick!

45. Chrome Bob Cut Hair

A rounded bob is so fitting for a chrome effect because it looks like it will change colors at every move!

46. Creative Cut Shaggy Hairstyle

Long bob or short shag? A hybrid between these two will encompass the best of both worlds and give you an edgy enough look without breaking the dress code!

47. Mysterious Edgy Hairstyles

Combine black and purple with long bangs that cover half your face for this mysterious look that can be turned casual in a few seconds!

48. Edgy Frozen Soul Hair

Let the deep, dark, and frozen corners of your soul show on your hair and at the same time keep it innocuous enough to not draw attention.

49. Bright Hair for a Dark Soul

Or compensate for them with a warm, bright color that has everyone fooled into thinking you are just another regular girl!

50. Soft Edgy Hairstyles

Maybe you want to keep it simple and low-key. Go for short sides, a longer top, and an unnatural color!

51. Turquoise Highlights for Edgy Hairstyles

Go all out and get a turquoise hair like this! It’s cute, it’s edgy, it’s stunning, it’s perfect!

Final Thoughts

We hope one of these edgy hairstyles spoke to your soul and you found your next hairstyle on this list! Let us know all about it in the comments section below!

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