51 Cool Shag Haircuts and Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths in 2022

Recent years have brought back the shag haircut, and it is here to stay! It is the ideal messy combination between layered hairstyles and feathered hair!

1. Delicate Layers

You don’t need sharp or obvious layers to create a shaggy look. All you need is strong feathered hair!

2. Natural Waves Shaggy Hairstyle

A shaggy hairstyle can help bring out and enhance your hair’s natural waves.

3. Pink Shag Haircut

You can always add colors! Just take a look at how this pink hair has been styled!

4. Soft Fringe

You can play and create any look you want, including these mysterious, eye-shadowing bangs!

5. Punk Look Shag with Short Bangs

Or a defiantly punk do. Add a cold color on dark hair cut in a shaggy style and see how it compliments your attitude!

6. Warm Tones Shag

Or you can go the opposite route and get a close-to-nature, soft look with some pastel colors.

7. Heavy Shag Haircut

If you have very thick hair, your shag will hang low and frame your face like a heavy coat.

8. Two Colors

This style allows you to do whatever you want and it will still look great! Like this half gray hair, half black hair.

9. Classic Shag Haircut

Nothing wrong with bringing back the original style! A classic will look great on every occasion!

10. Purple Shag Hairstyle

This style is meant as a disregard to norms and rules, so show that you don’t care about those with a defiant hairdo!

11. Steel Sharp

Take a different approach and pair a straight shag with feathered bangs and a white hairstyle with a black under-layer for a razor-sharp look!

12. Platinum Blonde Shag Haircut

Use a modern color like platinum blonde to bring this style in this century and put a twist on it!

13. Subtle Feather

You can get a subtle feathered look to still get the shape of a shaggy hairstyle without looking quite so… shaggy!

14. Punk Fade Shag Haircut

If this style appeals to you, you can complete it with an aggressively layered shag!

15. Cute Shag Haircut

Alternatively, you can choose a softly layered shag, to create a cute look like this one!

16. Magical Shag Hairstyle

And if you feel like wearing art, have a look at this hairstyle that looks out of an anime!

17. Curl Definer

You can use a shaggy haircut to define your natural curls and get it for no other reason!

18. Modern Twist Shag Hairstyle

Bring back this 90s inspiration look and put your own modern twist on it! Or leave it as it is and go with the throwback trend!

19. Rainbow Streak Hairstyle

The shape of this haircut is ideal for multicolored streaks so let it showcase a proud rainbow!

20. Long Pixie Cut

An ordinary pixie cut can get some attitude with a few negligent layers that will turn it into this soft shag!

21. Shag Haircut for Everyone

A usual, there are no limits on age and this picture proves it! You can get a shaggy haircut at any age!

22. Rock Star Shaggy Hairstyle

Bring back the shaggy look of the 70s rock stars, this time in a feminine haircut!

23. Hippie Shag Haircut

A floppy shag with long bangs calls back on the natural, carefree hippie style.

24. Shaggy Hairstyle for Thin Hair

It’s true that shags look better on thin hair, so you can shave parts of your hair off completely. For example, she has a barely-visible side-shave!

25. Curly Shag Haircut

A shag can make curly hair even more curly and fluffy. Just take a look at this style!

26. Movie Style Messy Shag Haircut

Your transformation doesn’t have to be a dramatic movie makeover, but it can be!

27. Out-turned Bangs

Another trick you can do with this style is to have your bangs feathered in this out-turn, almost horned look.

28. Fluffy Shag Haircut

For tight curls, a shag will create this fluffy, adorable look you can’t help but ruffle a hundred times a day.

29. Green Undertones Hairstyles

Shags bring out under-layers and leave room for them to be seen, so you can create a cool look with some dark green under-layers.

30. Messy Curls

Shags enhance the natural messiness of your curls so you will never have to worry about getting them to behave.

31. Bright Shag Haircut

You can combine colorful hair with a shaggy haircut to create this bright and happy hairstyle!

32. Smooth Textured Shag

Face framing can change your whole look without needing to cut off a ton of hair!

33. Hiding the Curls

Alternatively, you can use a shaggy cut to hide and tone down your curls. Just know what to ask from your hairstylist.

34. Messy Mid-Length Shag

You can have your hair cut against the curve of your curls to enhance them!

35. Straight Cut

A straight shag hairstyle can flatten your hair close to your face to highlight your features.

36. Shy Shag Haircut

While this style will give you a cute, shy look you can ruffle at will (or let someone special do it).

37. Tiny Bangs Hairstyles

Usually shags are paired with bangs, but no one said anything about the length of the bangs, so go all out on short baby bangs!

38. Short Shaggy Pixie Haircuts

Shaggy haircuts tend to be inherently feminine looking but with clever layering, you can get a style that defies gender norms!

39. Fun-loving Short Shaggy Hairstyle

This short, relaxed shaggy hairstyle is a great way to communicate that you love having fun and chilling!

40. Undercut Shag Haircut

You can get a very short shag, even pair it with an undercut, for an easy to maintain, problem-free look.

41. Forest Spirit Shaggy Hairstyle

The mix of colors in this look will forever remind me of a Fae in a forest, minding her own business. So be the magic in the world and wear this proudly!

42. 70’s Shag Haircut

If you feel like bringing back this style, go for it! It looks vintage so you can pair it with a full 70s look!

43. Very Short Shag Pixie Cut

You only have room for a little bit of shag on the top of your head with this hairstyle, but sometimes that’s enough!

44. Shaggy Mullet

Free your ears and let them breathe (and avoid headphones tangled in hair) with this hairstyle!

45. Blue Streaks Shag Hairstyles

Color your shag the way you want! Combine blue and black to recreate the night sky and let the shape of the strands create swirls!

46. Layered Bob Cuts

Layer a shaggy hairstyle over a short bob to create this floppy bob look.

47. Mullet Shag Haircut

Mullets have some shaggy features anyway, but you can take that to town and create this kind of a look!

48. Round Shag Haircut

Or you can use the shaggy style to shape your head and hair exactly how you want it!

49. Overgrown Look

And when it starts growing, a shag will still look great, because of its intentionally messy aspect.

50. Colors All the Way

Another example of a colorful shag: this blue hair do framing her face with a carefree look.

51. Chloë Grace Moretz Shag Haircut

Chloe Grace-Moretz has been sporting the shag hairstyle since 2017 and she is still wearing it proudly today. Here is the final proof that the shag is back in trend!

Final Thoughts

Are you going to get a shag haircut now? What sold you? Let me know in the comments section below! Don’t leave out any detail, and show me how you styled your new haircut!

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