50 Dreamy Blue Hairstyles For Your Inner Faerie

Blue hair, don’t care, no matter what cool shade it may be from this palette. If you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone with an electric new hair color, blue hairstyles are definitely for you.

Blue hairstyles come in a variety of dark, light, or bright options, with tints that range from green to purple. You can also use blue for hairstyles with shadow roots, ombre, or highlights. I’ll tell you everything you need to know below, complete with braids and other cute styling ideas for blue hair. 

1. Royal Blue Shadow Roots with Bright Blue Body

For a complete blue silhouette that retains some gentle contrast, try pairing a bright blue body with royal blue shadow roots. The roots should be about two to three tones darker than the rest. Moreover, you can add some wispy periwinkle highlights for extra definition.

2. Natural Brown Shadow Roots to Blue Hair

While more of an ombre than a standard shadow roots hairstyle, this look is excellent for creating movement in your hair. Begin with your natural hair color at the roots (in this case, brown) and blend out to black and then blue for the bottom half.

3. Black Shadow Roots and Dark Blue Hair

Dark blue hair works well in combination with black shadow roots. If you’re a natural brunette, you can melt the navy out from your own roots. A great technique to keep in mind is stripe-like highlights from the crown downwards.

4. Pastel Blue and Purple Hair with Black Shadow Roots

However, black shadow roots are just as appropriate for light blue locks. If you have multi-tone blue balayage, leave a small section of hair at your roots your natural color. In doing so, you’ll be ensuring harmony with the color of your brows (if they’re also your natural shade).

5. Charcoal Roots with Steel Blue Highlights

On the other hand, more faded blue hairstyles look awesome with equally faded shadow roots. If you’re into the edgy pastel aesthetic, go for steel blue balayage highlights on a charcoal root foundation.

6. Black Hair with Electric Blue Highlights

Instead of committing to a full head of blue hair, you can start with some easygoing highlights. If you have black or dark brown hair, blue highlights will spice up your foundation and increase contrast.

7. Peekaboo Blue Highlights on Dark Hair 

A similar yet subtler approach is peekaboo highlights. Adequate for women with dark tresses, peekaboo highlights focus on the locks underneath the primary coat of hair. The less noticeable you want the highlights to be, the darker you should get them. 

8. Light Blue Highlights on Silver Hair

Alternatively, you can play around with fairy-like pastels in a mix of shadow roots and highlights. To get this look, make sure you first have a silver or gray base. Use the balayage coloring method to integrate baby blue highlights into the hairstyle.

9. Dark Hair with Deep Turquoise Highlights

If you would rather use highlights to accentuate specific sections of your hair, go for a dark on dark approach. One of the best combinations is a black body with interrupted deep turquoise streaks on the entire length of the hair.

10. Bright Baby Blue Highlights on Pastel Pink Hair

A whimsical highlights mix for younger girls is cotton candy tones of both pink and blue. For a high-contrast look, make one tone softer than the other. Here, you can see how more of a pastel pink looks against electric blue.

11. Pastel Mint Aqua Hairstyle

To boost the colder tint of blue hairstyles, all you have to do is mix in some green hue. For example, pastel mint aqua is a popular style right now, blending the best of light green and blue shades.

12. Forest Green Roots with Blue Body Hairstyle

A different yet no less beautiful approach is to get green shadow roots to complement a blue body. Here, I recommend toning everything down to get a dark, deep, and rich sheen from scalp to tips.

13. Electric Turquoise Hair Color

Turquoise has also been consistently trending as a hair color in the past few years, especially the bright version. You can describe the color to your stylist as cyan or aqua and maintain it as a single solid hue for your hairstyle.

14. Seaweed Blue Balayage Hairstyle

If you’re seeking darker but imaginative blue hairstyles, try a seaweed blue balayage. The trick to obtaining the blended seaweed shade is to melt deep turquoise with navy. Maintain a dark shadow root top and spread the colors out from there.

15. Blue Green Hair Color with Brown Roots

Regardless of your natural hair color, blue-green hair will look good fading out from it. Brown-haired girls are particularly flattered by the technique, especially when the dye is more of a vivid pastel.

16. Blue Hair with Purple Highlights Hairstyle

A more romantic take on blue hairstyles involves using purple as a secondary hue. As an example, a royal blue or turquoise base looks lovely combined with a set of deep violet highlights focused on the back area.

17. Indigo Balayage Hairstyle

Rather than mixing blue and purple as separate colors, blend them into an intense solid shade of indigo. To add more dynamism to your hairstyle, get the deep indigo as a balayage with a charcoal-based foundation.

18. Blue and Purple Ombre Hairstyle

For a two tone approach to cool blue hairstyles, consider a bright blue and purple ombre. I recommend using vivid variations of both tones to achieve balance in the ombre hairstyle. Reserve blue for the top and use purple for the bottom half.

19. Royal Purple Balayage Hairstyle

You can give your overall blue hair a full indigo sheen with a royal purple balayage. Although it leans more towards the violet side than actual blue, the color melt job flatters women with longer hair and outgoing personalities.

20. Purple and Blue Braided Up-do Hairstyle

If you want to emphasize the distinct blue and purple tones in your hair, try an ornate faux hawk updo. The hairstyle will pull back your locks on each side, revealing the contrasting roots. In addition, the side braids and twisted knots in the faux hawk will continue to show off the various cool undertones.

21. Dark to Light Blue Ombre Balayage Hairstyle

An ultra-colorful way to go about blue ombre hair is to mix in three different shades from the palette. Dark with darker blue on top, blend out to a medium turquoise, and end with a minty pastel. You can add natural shadow roots to soften the flashiness of the hairstyle.

22. Brown Hair with Blue Ombre Tips

As an alternative, make your blue ombre hairstyle even more subtle by retaining a significant amount of your natural hair color. For example, if you have brown hair, you can keep the shade all the way half down. From there, blend out to a lighter balayage and then to blue tips. Some red or purple touches can help emphasize the look.

23. Blonde Hair with Dark Blue Ombre Lowlights

In a similar fashion, you can transform a standard blue ombre into a set of peekaboo lowlights. Here, you can maintain a natural blonde top and add dark blue and black highlights underneath for a high-contrast hairstyle.

24. Blue Ombre with Black Bangs Hairstyle

If you have a fringe cut, you can integrate your bangs into your blue ombre. Choose blue for the main secondary color of the hairstyle and keep your roots and bangs black. The two tone look has a great face-framing effect.

25. Bright Blue Ombre for Long Hair

Girls with remarkably long and straight hair have a lot more room for playing around with the gradient in a blue ombre hairstyle. Withhold your natural brown coat and create a harmonious transition to a bright blue bottom half.

26. Deep Ocean Blue Hairstyle

If you’re drawn to the dark side, tone everything down with a deep ocean blue hairstyle. While you can pick the tone as a solid color, it looks even better as a shadow roots balayage. In doing so, you’ll have to keep your roots more of a darker navy than the rest of your hair.

27. Blueish Black Hair Color

Rather use blue as more of a tint? If you have a black base, you can touch it up with a coat of dark blue. It won’t be as visible as other options, and the blue undertones will come out when the light hits your locks.

28. Navy Blue Hair Color

If anything, navy blue is the kind of color that works well against both paler and deeper skin tones. To soften the transition from your scalp, you can keep your natural roots with the shadow approach. Color the rest in a rich navy hue.

29. Deep Steel Blue Hair Color

For a grunge hairstyle, add more gray tones into the look with a deep steel blue hair color. For the blue part, you can take it towards a dark turquoise. The charcoal undertones are the element that really pulls the hair color together.

30. Dark Royal Blue Hair Color

As part of the cool hair tones palette, royal blue is just as striking in a darker version as it is when maintained bright. The deeper and more intense variation is suitable especially for autumn and winter makeovers.

31. Turquoise Tips on Ash Lavender Hair

Here’s how to make the most of purple and green tints incorporated into blue hairstyles. Apply a balayage or ombre coloring method to get ash lavender hair with electric turquoise tips. The contrast between the faded top and bright bottom will look wonderful on any hair type.

32. Steel Blue Green Pastel Hair

An edgy pastel blue hairstyle can come in the form of a steel blue green body with silver babylights. In this situation, the light gray touches have the purpose of bringing out the intense pastel coat.

33. Pastel Blue Hair with Lavender Undertones

If you want a hairstyle reminiscent of pixie and fairytales, blend multiple pastel hues. As an example, you can take the lightest versions of baby blue, lavender, and mint. Mix them as balayage highlights, adding some white or silver lowlights in between.

34. Aqua Blue Hair Color

While not a traditional pastel, aqua blue is the light and bright alternative for a deep turquoise hairstyle. Go for this approach if you want to stay away from dark blue hairstyles while not slipping into medium tones either. 

35. Steel Baby Blue Hair Color

If you’re fond of gray and silver hairstyles but you want to give yours a twist, sprinkle in some baby blue. The resulting pastel blue-gray hair color can be paired with black shadow roots for a beautiful pale aesthetic.

36. Green, Blue, and Lavender Mermaid Hair

For a creative mermaid hairstyle, you can try a mixture of highlights in numerous cool tones. Just one way is to combine blue streaks with turquoise, mint, and medium plums ones. Alternatively, pick turquoise as your base tone and add the green and purple highlights on top.

37. Purple, Blue, and Silver Mermaid Highlights

Using the same combined highlights technique, you can switch the tones to exclude green and include silver. The approach results in a colder-shaded coat, owing to the grayish-white elements. Purple and blue streaks can be distributed evenly throughout the hair.

38. Seaweed Mermaid Hairstyle

On the flip side, you can make green a priority hue in your mermaid hairstyle. For a seaweed effect, start with a rich turquoise foundation. Build upon it with bright green highlights towards the front and a few in the back. Save some for peekaboo highlights underneath.

39. Blue and Green Mermaid Hair

A full under the sea approach involves melting green tones from a dark blue base. Beginning with black and navy shadow roots, blend out to a medium pastel green secondary tone. Complete with pale lime green tips and lowlights.

40. Icy Highlights on Blue, Purple, and Black Mermaid Hair

The multi-highlights idea can be applied to naturally dark hair as well. In this case, all you have to do is layer on blue and purple highlights. The magic touch is the set of icy white babylights sprinkled on the sides.

41. Dark to Light Blue Ombre Braids

As a protective hairstyle for natural hair, box braids can be rocked in any color without creating damage. As a result, you can venture into exciting blue ombre hairstyles, like this dark to light gradient.

42. Turquoise Box Braids with Curly Tips

If you don’t want your box braids to be too flashy, you can use dark turquoise as the hue for yours. To add an eye-catching touch, pick a lighter turquoise for the tips and shape them into corkscrew curls.

43. Baby Blue Blend Dutch Braid Extension Pigtails

The key to nailing blue hair lies in the way you style and wear it. With multi-colored hair extensions, double Dutch braids and cornrows can accentuate each separate tone. If you’re interested in temporary blue hairstyles, this is definitely the look for you.

44. Royal Blue Box Braids Ponytail Hairstyle

The protective hairstyle here works in two effective ways. First off, the box braids are bright royal blue, which complements natural dark roots well. After that, the high ponytail hairstyle really shows off the vivid tone while nicely framing the face.

45. Top Braids Ponytail Blue Hairstyle

Intense blue hair with naturally growing roots looks amazing in top braid hairstyles with short undercut sides. To customize the look, pick either French or Dutch braiding as a styling technique. Then, section off a good amount of hair and create a short braid for the top. Secure with a hair tie at the end to make a ponytail.

46. Boho Chain Crown Blue Hairstyle

Are you a fan of the boho chic trend? Use a thin halo chain accessory to complete your blue hairstyle. If you find one with contrasting blue decorations on it, the hairstyle will look even better. It’s a quick and effective solution for festival or party hairstyles.

47. Blue Bubble Pigtails and Side Clips Hairstyle

If you have longer hair, you can style your blue locks into pigtails. Instead of going the traditional route, spice up the look by making them bubble pigtails. All you have to do is position hair ties from place to place along the length of the pigtails and gently pull your hair apart to form bubble shapes. Add a few clips on each side along your hairline to complete.

48. Dutch Braids on Shiny Blue Plum Hair

Hop on the cute trend with a short double Dutch braids. Braids from up-top splitting the middle and tying it with a white hair tie . When coupled with shiny blue plum hair, you’ll have a Tumblr-worthy hairstyle for sure.

49. Messy Half Up Ponytail Hairstyle on Blue Mermaid Hair

Not in the mood for putting too much effort into your hairstyle, but you still want to flaunt your blue on blue highlights? Grab a section on top and tie it into a high and messy ponytail. The fast half up half down hairstyle is cute, casual, and ideal for adventurous blue hair.

50. Double Halo Braid Updo Hairstyle for Blue Balayage

If you have a blue hairstyle with highlights and lowlights, halo braids are just what you need for individual accentuation. But rather than creating a single crown braid, double it with another braid on top. Allow some strands to flow loosely in the front for an extra boho touch.


Overall, blue hairstyles are diverse, adaptable, and ideal for the bold woman with a nonchalant attitude. You can tweak the eye-catching hair color to complement any personality, whether it’s a subtle navy tint or a full-on aqua mane.

Once you’ve found the specific blue tone of your dreams, it’s all about wise maintenance. To prolong the life of the hue, try to wash your hair with sulfate-free products and cold water (but be careful to not catch a cold in the process). Wash your hair only once every few days and, when you do, add a drop or two of dye to your conditioner.

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