51 Cool Hairstyles and Haircuts For Thin Hair Trendy in 2022

The internet is full of wig shops, tips, and tricks designed to give you the “perfect thick mane”. But have a look at these hairstyles for thin hair designed to encourage you to embrace and enjoy your natural hair!

1. Waves are Your Friend

Some soft waves help give some volume and often a shape to your hair.

2. Own the Straight

If you don’t have time or energy to curl your hair, that’s OK. Just wear it as it is, own it! #thinhairdontcare

3. Tease and Crumple

A tease or a crumple, or both, can give some puffiness to any pulled back hairstyle.

4. Fall Colors

Make your hair fun and trendy with some fall colors! Use them smartly and they can create the illusion of deep layers of hair too!

5. Fade the Colors

Use a fading gradient to trick the eye into looking down along your hair rather than straight through it.

6. Messy Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Don’t worry about having perfectly brushed and neat hair! A few loose, messy strands show that you are confident in your look.

7. Blonde Highlights and Lowlights Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Light colors often seem bulky and flat, but use a few shades and highlights and the impression is of a much thicker hair.

8. Braided Top Bun

Feed-in High Bun on extremely THIN hair!

9. Layered Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Layered hairstyles are the staple of thick hair, but with some clever tricks, you can use them on thinner hair as well. And bonus, people who see your hair styled like this will assume you have thicker hair.

10. Loose Curls

Try some loose curls on the lower half of your hair. These can be done with a bit of patience and without heat, which is always great!

11. Strong Feathered

Chances are your hair is naturally thinner towards the tips. Accentuate that aspect and emphasize it by getting this feathered hairstyle!

12. Tight Curls Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Tight, equal, bouncy curls are always a good choice of style for most occasions, and yours will actually stay in place throughout the day!

13. Straight to Wavy Hairstyles for Thin Hair

She took a chance and got a choppy, puffy haircut and look at the results!

14. Long Round Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Try this shorter in front and longer in the back hairstyle to create a rounded look on your back! No matter how much or how little hair there is, this do always looks in top shape!

15. Pixie Cut

Thin hair can be short as well! Even incredibly short, like a pixie cut. No rule says otherwise, and even if it did, fashion rules are meant to be broken!

16. Organized Waves Hairstyle

Past your rebel phase? Then try a more settled look with these symmetrical waves!

17. Choppy Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Go for a choppy hairstyle and rock that carefree, defiant look!

18. Classic Bob with a Twist

The twist here is the absolute lack of color. And of course, the best gray and white hairstyles are the naturally created ones!

19. Short Loose Waves

This hairdo has become the staple look of so many young girls in tv and movies. You have to try it and have a go at living that fantasy!

20. The Top Wave

A side part with a puffy wave is a great way to add volume to an otherwise flat hairstyle like a bob.

21. A Short Bob

If your hair is just thin, but not flat, you can try at a simple short bob hairstyle.

22. Short Round Hairstyles for Thin Hair

A longer, rounded bob can be a good option for thin, dark hair.

23. Side Parted Bob

Generally, side parts are your friends, no matter the hairstyle! But for hairstyles for thin hair, it is especially great because it creates a visually thicker side.

24. Silk Pressed

While this hairstyle isn’t exactly the best to get for natural hair, it can be a good alternative every now and then.

25. Baby Bangs

Try a wavy short hairstyle with baby bangs for a cute look.

26. Messy Long Pixie

This overgrown pixie is a great way to show your hair off to the world!

27. Curly Hairstyles for Thin Hair

This alt hairstyle is so fitting with the rest of her look that no one actually cares the hair seems thin! And this stands to prove that you can own any style and make it your own!

28. Bright Colors

Rise and shine sunshine! Who says that thin hair has to be dull? Try bright, happy colors and you will stand out!

29. Choppy Layers

I mentioned a choppy hairstyle before, but this time add layers too.

30. Long Side Part

As I said before, side parts are your ally. Combine one with a wavy hairstyle and presto!

31. Wavy Bob Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Spice up your bob with some waves and rock the world!

32. Naturally Blonde

The best blonde is the natural blonde, and your natural hair color is the one that matches your hair type best. Even if you accentuate it a little with some bottle magic.

33. Highlighted Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Use highlights to trick the onlookers into thinking your hair is thicker than it actually is. Go for bright contrasts!

34. Wavy Ends with Bangs

Side swept long bangs can make flat hair look like a choice rather than what nature gave you. Let people assume what they will and rock your hair!

35. Dark Colors Hairstyle for Thin Hair

A deep, dark natural color is a great way to give some substance to your hairstyle.

36. Reverse Bob Hairstyles for Thin Hair

A short in front and long in the back reverse A-line bob has been the choice hairstyle for thin and thinning hair for a long time. Once know as “the mom hairstyle” this was the look recent mothers sported.

37. Swept Layers

Layers can be pulled toward the back to add some texture to flat, thin hair.

38. Natural Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Even natural hair is sometimes plagued by thinning, be it for genetic reasons or too much stress on the hair, like straightening and dye. Try a protective hairstyle that fits your taste!

39. Platinum White

Try a platinum white hairstyle with just a touch of pink, like this model has!

40. Simple Shoulder-length Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Simple doesn’t mean boring. Classic is best, sometimes, so try a simple, shoulder-length hairstyle!

41. Single Wave

I don’t know if this can even be called a wave, more like a curved line instead of a straight one for your hair. Still, it adds some volume and visually looks put-together!

42. Bob Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Try a streaked bob, with a few darker highlights on light-colored hair, to give the illusion of a deeper layer of hair!

43. Accidentally Feathered Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Even if your hair is thinning towards the end, you can take advantage of that and call it a feathered hairstyle. Maybe you’ll start a trend!

44. Faux French Braid

A French braid may end up looking a little too thin, but you can try a faux and make it as puffy as you wish!

45. Top Knot Hairstyle

Wear a little top knot proudly and disregard anyone who dares tell you that you don’t look good!

46. Ponytail Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Pull your hair out of the way and to the back in a neat ponytail. Leave some strands out for aesthetic reasons!

47. Puffy Ponytail

Tease some hair before putting it in a ponytail to give it a more fluffy look.

48. Top Bun Hairstyle

Have some fun with hair accessories like this hair ribbon tie rope!

49. French Braid Bun Hairstyle

You can start a French braid and continue it in a teased fluffy bun.

50. Loose Braids and Bun Hairstyles for Thin Hair

This hairstyle is great for formal events and the like! It has enough volume to look put together and it’s easy to do as well!

51. Sandra Bullock Hairstyle

Even celebrities have thin hair and look at her rocking it on the red carpet no less!

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are numerous ways to style your thin hair. You can opt for medium hairstyles and haircuts for thin hair, you can dare to wear intricate hairstyles for long hair, or you can get a low-maintenance short haircut. What matters the most is for you to feel good and confident with your new look. Now, go forth and enjoy our list of hairstyles for thin hair, and let us know which ones you would like to do in the comment section below!

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