51 Gorgeous Gray Hair Color Ideas Popular in 2023

Gray hair color was once something women were afraid of, but now the opinions have changed. Embrace your natural gray or dye it and try one of these stunning styles!

1. Cold Ash Ice

These ashy tones have so little yellow in them that they remind me of cold, cold ice.

2. Countless Shades of Gray Hair

The gradient from the black roots to the silver tips goes through as many shades as there are individual hairs.

3. The Ice-fall Gray Hair Color

Her cascade of silver hair sends the image of a glacier slowly flowing down.

4. The Cold Never Bothered Her

For an ice queen look, try this very white-gray hair color!

5. Non-Color Contrast

Light gray hair color highlights dark clothes and accessories and amplifies the effect of a goth look.

6. Ashy Waves

A wavy hairdo catches the eye by revealing shade after shade of ashy hair.

7. Stone Variations

The tones in her hair are the same as the tones of the stone-cold stone wall.

8. Warm Gray Hair Color

The advantage of a neutral color like gray is that it reflects the light around it, so when hit with a warmer tone, it can look more like this.

9. Black to White Hair Color

Silver hair is a favorite of the goth community for its ability to match and enhance most outfits.

10. A Silver Mane

Picture these silver locks braided in one of these hairstyles for thick hair.

11. A Silver Hair Messy Bob

Perfect for a busy lifestyle, this hairstyle does require little to no maintenance and, unless you have pitch-black hair, overgrown roots don’t show too bad.

12. Curly Silver Pixie Cut

Check out this ice-cold asymmetrical hairstyle! And take a look at these pixie haircuts as well, for more inspiration.

13. Silver Bangs for Gray Hair Color

Try this almost-white hairstyle for a professional, put-together look.

14. Silver Gray Bob with Dark Undertones

It’s barely visible but sometimes that’s more than enough!

15. Messy Updo for Gray Hair Color

This intentionally messy hairstyle will give you little problems. It is incredibly versatile and adaptable and looks great with the simplest of updos.

16. The Classic Bob for Gray Hair Color

Straight down in sharp lines, this hairstyle commands respect in a business setting but can be easily made fun of with some accessories.

17. Curly Hairstyle for Gray Hair

Let your hair go wild with this gray to brown naturally created fade!

18. Silver Icy Gray Bob

Super full and natural look. This is a great look for young adults and teenagers.

19. Gray Hair Color Lopsided Bob

Bobs are versatile by nature, but a one with a short side and a long side is even more adaptable.

20. Pixie Cut with Gray Hair Color

Try this short do to allow your hair to regenerate and recover from the roots. It will thank you and it will look fabulous in the process!

21. Short Steel Gray Colored Hair

Pair a dark outfit with dark gray hair color and you are ready to go to your favorite rock or metal concert!

22. Gunmetal Gray Hair Color

Enjoy the mysterious vibe that comes with this charcoal gray look!

23. Black to Gray Degrade

This hairdo looks eternally caught in the transition between your antihero ice-wielding superhuman and your mundane cover-up identity.

24. Sharp A-line Gray Hair Color

Dark gray hair color goes great with sharp angels! take advantage and combine the two in this A-line bob

25. Layered Gray Colored Hairstyle

This sharp-edged hairdo reminds me of a dystopian postmodern sculpture. Made of steel.

26. Smokey Slime Gray Hair Color

Billie Eilish Inspired Look. True, hers was top/bottom separated and it went with black not dark gray, but this look captures the same feeling.

27. Soft Gray Hair Color

Dark waves don’t have to be cold or steely. With the right look, they can be warm, comforting, and fluffy.

28. Stainless Steel Gray Hair Colored Bob

This does look like it has been sculpted out of the same block of metal.

29. Half Black and Half Gray Colored Hair

Light meets dark in this two-colored hairstyle.

30. Smokey Gray Coils

These curls look like silver shavings and the highlights add texture to the hairstyle.

31. Rock that Natural Gray!

With just a bit of help from some highlighter, this look goes from classical to modern in a heartbeat. Check out some other ways you can wear your natural hair!

32. Light to Dark Gray Highlights

That transition is so smooth you can’t really tell when it starts!

33. Reverse Uno!

There are some barely-there gray highlights on her dark brown hair and the effect is surprisingly good.

34. Black to Smokey Gray Highlights

This hairdo is a mix of black with gray highlights, or maybe gray with black streaks? Who knows. But style it wavy or straight for two very different effects!

35. Gray and Purple Highlights

Part of the process of removing hair color to go gray is a purple treatment designed to counter the color in your hair. Left on too much, it can create spots and streaks but don’t worry and wear them as highlights!

36. Purple Hair with Gray Highlights

Or go for the reverse and try gray highlights on purple hair for a fun effect.

37. Smokey Peach with Gray Undertones

The gray highlights in this do cool it by a few tones by simply existing. If you feel that pure rose gold is too warm for you but still want to try it, consider this option!

38. Smokey Silver-Blue Highlights

The blue is just visible enough to create a teal effect, but if you’re looking for some blue-blue hairstyles, you can find them here!

39. Gray Hair Color Highlights

To enhance your natural salt ‘n pepper look, add some gray highlights and rock the style!

40. Aurora Highlights

It’s far too cold for this scheme to be a rainbow but the highlights remind of a purple aurora on a dark night sky

41. Silver Ombre with Natural Gray Hair

This lovely lady decided that dyes are not for her so she started wearing her hair naturally gray, and she rocks it!

42. Short Natural Feathered Gray Hair

Often a short haircut will save you time, energy, and money and leave you free to enjoy life!

43. Transition to Gray Hair

After years of dyeing her hair, she is finally embracing the white and her features are softer already.

44. Trendsetter for Natural Gray Hair Color

It’s women like her, who show their hair long and proud, who inspired the boom in white and ash hair in the younger generations.

45. Natural Gray Hair with Top Bun

This bun has a life of its own. Sometime later and she still looks fabulous!

46. Curly Natural Gray Hair Color

Like leaves, your hair knows when to change color to match your features. Let it grow as it is, especially if you have natural hair since dyes dry your already dry hair.

47. Salt and Pepper Undercut Hair

Check out this salt ‘n pepper do, ideal for when you’re gray earlier than you wanted, and then look at these undercut designs for more inspiration!

48. Gray Hair Color Frame

Wear what mother nature gave you as an intentional style and no one will know! They will even compliment you on the modern look.

49. Side Swept Natural Gray Hair

This may be a classical hairstyle but it still looks great! Try it with highlights for a personal touch.

50. Foamy Curls Hairstyles

These waves remind us of an agitated sea with foam forming. Tame them in this hairstyle!

51. Incredible Natural White Streak Hair

Her white streaks are caused by a skin condition called Vitiligo, which makes parts of your skin lose all pigment, creating incredible patterns and hairstyles!

Final thoughts

Which one of these gray hair color styles are you going to try? Or are you already sporting one? Tell me all about it in the comment section below!

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