50 Undercut Designs For Your Edgy Rebel Soul

Undercut designs are seen as some of the trendiest hairstyles for women, especially those who have an edgy side they want to show off. After all, it’s our personality that makes us follow certain trends. They consist of your temple and nape areas being almost shaved while the rest of your hair stays in place. Interesting? Here are some of the best undercut designs ideas to match your edgy soul.

1. Top Knot Bun with Shaved Design Undercut

2. Pixie Undercut with Intense Red Highlights

3. Side Undercut with Long Textured Hair and Caramel Highlights

4. Nape Undercut with Two Braided Dreadlocks Bun

5. Nape Undercut Design with Raven Black Hair and Messy Bun

6. Faded Undercut with Long Braided Top Bun

7. Curly Mullet with Side Shaved Undercut

8. Long Hair with Faded Side Undercut

9. Curly Mohawk with Leopard Print Undercut

10. Faded Nape Undercut Design with Purple Hair Bun

11. Bob Cut Hair with Side Undercut Design

12. Short Textured Pixie Undercut with Green-Pink Hair

13. Mullet Bob with Shaved Side Undercut

14. Blue Punk Mullet with Shaved Side Undercut

15. Long Bob Side Undercut Design with Purple Loose Wave

16. Side Undercut with Long and Wavy Colored Hair

Some of the best female undercut designs are usually done with long hair. So, in case you also fall in this category and wish for something a little bit edgier to match your personality, consider this geometrical, Pink Floyd-inspired design paired with colored wavy hair. Delicious! If you want more ideas on blue hair, check out this article!

17. Simple Side Undercut with Long Messy Hair

Following the same principle, this hairstyle is tamer but still completely fabulous and cool. The side undercut on this one is more simple and easy to do and when paired with beautiful dark and wavy hair plus a sexy winged eyeliner, the contrast is amazing.

18. Half Head Undercut with Long Wavy Hair

Undercut hair designs come in all shapes and sizes and this example is one of those that might seem too bold to try but which you are also tempted by. This half head undercut is simple in nature but extremely edgy and one-of-a-kind. It speaks volumes about your personality and it’s almost as if you have two beings hidden inside ready to come out at any moment.

19. Intricate Side Undercut with Fringe and Messy Long Hair

Probably one of the coolest undercut shaved designs, this one is a little bit more intricate. The shaved side paired with that sleek colored fringe and the messy hair create a unique look that can be very inspiring indeed. If you’re looking for a simpler look, check out our post on 30 hair color ideas for dark hair!

20. Side Undercut Design with Edgy Green Wavy Hair

Did we say colored hair? Well, here is the perfect example of a bold hairstyle that combines both the undercut design as well as green rebel hair. The design is simple and the pair that it makes with those elegant waves is unmatched when it comes to originality. Just try it!

21. Simple Deep Side Undercut with Blonde Straight Hair

Part of the simple undercut designs category, this one might not be that crazy for you to try out at some point. The deep side on one half of your head is simple but it’s the straight blonde hair that creates this feeling of a tamer hairstyle. Definitely, one to think about!

22. Simple Deep Side Undercut with Messy Red Hair

Yet another rather simple undercut design which can be easily done if you are more into that messy, laid-back look. You don’t necessarily need red hair for this one but the edgy vibe of it comes from the relaxed look and the clean half head undercut.

23. Delicate Side Undercut with Long Wavy & Ombre Hair

This is a slightly more delicate undercut design for those of you who only want a little bit of something extra to spice up your look. The long and wavy hair completes the look beautifully, as well as the brown lips.

24. Clean Side Undercut with Baby Bangs and Mullet-Style Hair

This is a truly edgy look that not many people might be willing to try. However, the clean side undercut, the baby bangs, and the mullet-like hair are all part of a well-constructed look that goes well with the flesh plugs and the piercings. One of a kind!

25. Subtle Side Undercut with Straight Hair and Fringe

This side undercut is very subtle yet impactful at the same time. Paired with that sleek fringe and the jet black hair, the effect of this hairstyle is even more prominent. It’s the perfect solution for someone who doesn’t want to go too far with the undercut.

26. Side Undercut with Long Wavy Hair and Tattoo

This is yet another clean side undercut that many edgy people prefer to use to make a statement. However, the beautiful long and wavy hair comes in harsh contrast with the undercut, especially if you also have a tattoo in that area. Definitely something unique!

27. Side Undercut Design with Straight Hair and V-Bangs

Side undercuts with various designs are very in right now especially because these designs can easily be changed when the hair grows back. V-bangs are also an edgy alternative for people with personality, especially for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

28. Side Undercut with Long Wavy Hair and Braid

This is a side undercut that also extends towards the nape area. The only difference here is that the long hair allows you to create all kinds of stylish combinations, like a braid. Follow this example for a more romantic look that you can also achieve with an undercut.

29. Viking-Style Side Undercut with Long Hair and Braids

Who doesn’t live Vikings and their intricate hairstyles that are still very much modern? This example stands proof that a deep undercut can look incredibly cool when paired with some braids that completely change the entire look and make it even more badass.

30. Pin-Up Side Undercut Design with Long Wavy Hair

The pin-up style is completely different from the aforementioned one but who can say that they cannot have things in common? The side undercut goes extremely well with those iconic curls and long hair. Just use some bobby pins to secure them in place and enjoy your vintage and modern look.

31. Nape Undercut Design with Short Wavy Hair

Nape undercut designs are not only a bit more wearable but they are also very subtle and effective, especially if you want a touch of edginess on your hairstyle. The short and wavy hair on this one is elegant and feminine, while the undercut adds a little bit of boldness to it.

32. Side and Nape Undercut Design with Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are already pretty edgy but by adding a side and nape undercut with a geometric design, the entire look becomes unique. Ths haircut favors those who adore wearing big earrings and bold makeup as both of those will be beautifully highlighted by the hair.

33. Side and Nape Undercut Design with Silver and Sleek Short Hair

The sleek and short hair adds a little bit of elegance to your whole look and by making it silver, the effect is even more striking. Now think of a side and nape undercut to completely change the entire vibe of your look. It opens up endless possibilities because you are now edgier and can wear multiple outfits.

34. Side Undercut with Colored Messy Pixie Cut

A messy pixie cut is cool as it is but by going for a bright color and a side undercut, the entire vibe changes and morphs into something edgy and rebel. You can use some hairspray or a texturizing one to create that messy and laid-back look.

35. Side and Nape Undercut with Silver Short Hair and Bangs

The silver short hair on this one is a bit different from the other hairstyles because it has a fringe that acts as a mysterious cover, fascinating people, and drawing them in. The nape and side undercut have the same color which creates a unity between the actual hairstyle and the edgy, shaved parts of it.

36. Nape Undercut with Bowl Cut Hair

A bowl haircut might not seem like the obvious choice to pair with a nape undercut. However, this is proof that it can be done and look extra cool too. However, the undercut must not be too accentuated and only hint at a little bit of boldness underneath all that hair.

37. Nape Undercut with Messy and Layered Short Hair and Fringe

A messy and layered short haircut is already pretty bold if you think about it, especially if it also has some green highlights. However, by adding a nape undercut and a messy fringe, the whole look becomes totally unique. Definitely one to try if you want something different.

38. Side and Nape Undercut with Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

An asymmetrical pixie haircut is probably the one that works the best with a side and nape undercut. This is thanks to its unique and irregular shape that compliments the shaved parts of your head and allows you to go for bold makeup looks too.

39. Side and Nape Undercut with Pompadour-Style Hair

The pompadour (or mohawk) is a truly gorgeous and special hairstyle that not many people wear. However, in this case, it works beautifully with a side and nape undercut to accentuate that upper part of the head where all the hair lays. Certainly, a look to think about!

40. Intricate Nape Undercut with Messy and Braided Bun

When it comes to updos, undercuts are welcome because they become more visible than they would be with your hair down. This one is an intricate nape undercut that looks incredible with a braided messy bun and possibly even a bold hair color, but not necessarily.

41. Nape and Side Undercut with Elegant Twisted Updo

Who would have thought that an elegant twisted updo could be paired with a nape and side undercut? Well, it works beautifully and can be worn even for more formal occasions where you wouldn’t expect an undercut to make an appearance. Well, it works!

42. Nape Undercut Design with Middle-Part and Messy Bun

Another nape undercut that was paired with a messy bun only this one has a middle-part too. The undercut is almost clean and it only has a faint and simple design to create that unique look towards your back. The middle-part is also unique in its own way.

43. Intricate Nape Undercut with Braided and Messy Updo

This is yet another intricate and complex nape undercut design that resembles the petals of a flower and it’s paired with a messy updo and a beautiful side braid. Again, this is a look that is elegant enough to be worn on formal occasions too. Definitely, one to try!

44. Nape Geometrical Undercut Design with Elegant Updo

This geometrical nape undercut design goes a bit up on the back of your head but it’s unique and beautiful. The updo on this one is elegant and simple, easy to create and wear at all times. Regardless of your hair color, this hairstyle is beautiful, chic, and classy too.

45. Faded Nape and Side Undercut Design with Messy Bun

This faded nape and side undercut create the illusion that it blends into your hair, which makes it so special. The messy bun is easy to make, while the neck tattoo adds extra edginess to the whole look. So, if you are bold enough, this is certainly one to think about!

46. Spiral Nape and Side Undercut Design with Ponytail

The spiral design of this nape and side undercut design is unique and truly beautiful for someone who really wants to adopts this look. The ponytail is nothing special but it may look more interesting with bright hair color to match your edgy soul. Interesting, right?

47. Two-Colors Side Undercut with Ponytail and Hair Accessory

This is a black and white look that marries edginess with a side and nape undercut and a sweet ponytail with a bow. A curious combination but one that can definitely draw looks and make you the most special person in the room. A bold makeup might complete the look perfectly.

48. Nape Undercut with Long Braid

A subtle nape undercut can look gorgeous with a simple yet gorgeous long braid too. This is a more wearable look meant for those who only want a little bit of something to feel like themselves but they don’t want to show it too much. In this case, it’s the nape undercut that’s there but not that visible for people.

49. Side Undercut Design with Curly Updo

If you have curly hair you shouldn’t worry about not being able to have an undercut. On the contrary, it looks incredible because of the bold contrast between all that hair and the shaved sides and nape. In this case, the elegant design creates something truly special.

50. Dark Nape Undercut Design with Messy Colored Bun

If you love bold color then you will love having your hair one color while keeping your nape undercut darker and with a geometric design. This is a unique combo that can really highlight your nape area and paired with that messy bun, the entire look becomes laid back and cool. Exactly what you need.

The Final Undercut

Regardless of your preferences, you should know that undercut designs are always trendy if you know how to adapt them to the trends. Side and nape undercut designs are also truly unique looks that not everyone can wear. However, if you find yourselves among those who can, female undercut designs are probably some of the coolest things that you can do for your edgy soul. Colored or not, long or short, they are always a symbol of your bold personality and lack of fear. Wear them proudly and without fear!

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