50+ Cute And Easy Updos For Medium Hair

Pull your hair away from your eyes and face and get ready to look fabulous! Perfect for work or special occasions, these updos for medium hair are easy to do and they look amazing!

Straight Updos For Medium Hair

1. The fold

Make a bun at the base of your neck and pull the sides around it. Fold them above and pin everything in place. Quick and easy for straight hair!

2. Tuck in

Simply bring as much of your hair as you can in one place and start tucking strands around each other. Pin in place and voila!

3. French bun

This tucked-style ling bun was popularized by French women in the 1950s and it is time it made a comeback! It’s simple, easy to do, and elegant!

4. Braided updos for medium hair

A French braid at the base of the neck can be a lifesaver on a bad hair day! It looks relaxed and put together at the same time and it takes five minutes to do.

5. French braids

Combine French braids styles and create this seemingly complex hairstyle that is actually very easy to make!

6. Little cone

This is a variation of the French bun, pinned in place with an ornate hairpin, perfect for work and social events!

7. Accessorized updos for medium hair

Use a scarf to make your hair longer and fuller so you can create this elegant-looking bun!

8. Combo

To level up, braid a scarf in with your hair! This trick is especially great for thin hair, as it adds some volume and substance to it.

9. Bright colors contrast

Get a cool, contrasting look by combining a bright color with a geometric hairpin, like in this case!

10. Pencil bun

Use a pencil or upgrade to an actual wooden hairpin and get this look that is absolutely ready for school!

Updos for medium hair
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11. Round bun

This look is elegant, classic, and easy on the hair. Straight hair will have no problem staying in this position all day long!

12. Bun n braid updos for medium hair

Start with a loose French braid on the side of the head and continue it in a low bun. This style is great for almost any occasion!

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13. Double buns

This kind of sleek and elegant double buns only work on very straight hair… And they look great!

Elegant Updos For Medium Hair

14. Braid n bun in style

Upgrade this hairstyle with some flowery accessories, and you have a quick style you can even wear to your wedding!

15. Fiery waves

Contrast the upcoming spring with fall colors! Gather them in these intricate waves to create a fire effect!

16. Loose crown

Wear this loose and relaxed hairstyle to summery formal events! It’s surprisingly easy to make and it looks great even for a wedding!

17. Half up

Continuing on the line of formal updos, try this half-up pinned style for outdoor events!

18. Twisted updos for medium hair

Take strands from the sides, twist them around your finger, and pin them in the middle! Ta-dah, you have a five-minute elegant bun!

19. Classic bun

Nothing wrong with going simple and classic! Sometimes, plain hair can complement an outfit much better than any intricate braid.

20. Bridesmaid updos for medium hair

This hairstyle was intended for a bridesmaid, so why not borrow it and wear it yourself to a fancy event!

21. Folded elfish hair

The close-to-nature, simple fold this hairstyle sports would match a flowy dress… in a forest.. and pointy ears.

22. Clever braids

Use loose and tight braids to give your hair some texture! It won’t take long to make and it looks incredibly elegant!

23. Relaxed updos for medium hair

Relax and forget about the perfect, neat hairstyles! Let some strands fly out, they will give you a more natural look!

24. Shave it off

Combine shaved hair with a tucked hairstyle and get this confident and elegant look that will make everyone jealous!

25. Undercuts

Make use of your undercut hairstyle and braid the top and the sides with various sizes of braid for this cool look!

Casual Updos For Medium Hair

26. Face framing bangs

Pull your hair in a simple bun and leave a few strands out to frame your face. It looks relaxed and cool, perfect for everyday wear!

27. Tiny French braid

French braids can stop at the base of your neck. If your hair is long enough to be braided, even a little bit, go for this hairstyle!

28. Faux French

Use three pairs of twisted braids to create the French braid effect if your hair is too short to actually braid it.

29. Change of color

This simple bun works so much better in a bright color than with a natural color. Use a contrasting pin to add extra shine!

30. Short braids updos for medium hair

Medium hair can be just long enough to let you create this braided updo, without any braid down your back!

31. Low double buns

Spice up double bun hairstyles with a diagonal part and low buns. And this style works so much better on oily hair!

32. The classic ponytail

For the mornings when you are in a big hurry, go for the classic ponytail. Pull it up to the top of your head to give it a little spice!

33. Cool bangs

Have a look at this anime inspired hairstyle! Just lift the back half of your hair to highlight the bangs!

34. Double trouble

Create this double knot look by first tying the top half of your hair and then the bottom. Don’t worry, it’s supposed to be messy!

35. Upside down updos for medium hair

Turn the style upside down and start braiding from the bottom to the top! Finish with a round bun.

36. Low knot

For when you left home with your hair undone. All you need is a few hairpins and a minute to twist and pin your hair together.

37. Messy updos for medium hair

The same hairstyle as above can get a free-spirited twist with some loose strands poking out and a messy look.

38. Dutch miniature braids

For those very hot days: these messy Dutch braids are cute and practical at the same time!

Curly Updos For Medium Hair

39. Simple pull back

Pull your hair back and pin it in place. Let the natural curl do the rest of the work. You will be surprised by the results!

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40. Long end braids

When your hair is on the longer side of medium hair you can have fun with this kind of braids, especially if you have thick hair!

41. Little crown updos for medium hair

Use two small braids to catch your bangs and the hair on the top of your head in a cute crown like this. Leave the rest of the hair flow freely!

42. Curly Rey

Remember Rey from Star Wars? This is what her hair would look like if she had shorter, curly hair! May the fans be with you!

43. Throwback updos for medium hair

This type of hairclip was popular in the 90s and you can bring it back, simply because it is practical! Or it might even match your style, who knows?

44. Banana clips

Use a banana clip to create this cute and professional updo in just a few seconds!

45. Protective updos for medium hair

Use a scarf to pull protective hairstyles up to the top of your head and out of your eyes!

46. Tight cornrows

Commit one day to having these done and you will have the perfect updo ready every morning for the next few weeks!

47. Patterned updos for medium hair

You can even have fun with the patterns, like this one! It might take a while to make but the result is worth it!

48. Highlights

Platinum blonde hair works great with curls and some brown highlights. Pull back the top half in this elegant updo!

49. Bangs away

Use elastics to keep your hair out of your eyes. The rest of the hair can stay down or you can continue the pattern until it includes all the hair.

50. Pineapple bun

Combine tight cornrows with a free fluffy bun in this patterned updo that works great for every occasion!


51. Celebrity updos for medium hair

As usual, the bonus is a hairstyle as famous as the celebrity who wore it. Take a look at this style Taylor Swift sported on the red carpet!

Final Thoughts

Have you found THE hairstyle for you among these updos for medium hair? Let me know which ones are your favorites in the comments section below! I can’t wait to hear your opinions!

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