51 Trendy 80’s and 90’s Hairstyles to Try in 2023

Whether you lived through these decades or not, you might be longing for them. The looks were varied and unique, the life simple, and the hairstyles rocked! So hop on the nostalgia train and take a look at these 80’s and 90’s inspired hairstyles!

1. Wet Curls Hairstyle

This hairstyle seems like it has just returned from a few days of fun outside in the rain. Get this fun look with hair wax or oil and a hair curler.

2. Puffy Bangs

Of all the 80s and 90s inspired hairstyles this is probably the most timeless one. All you need is to curl your bangs and pull your hair in a ponytail.

3. Frizzy 80’s Hairstyles

This hairstyle, though a staple look of the 80’s, can simply be your frilly hair left to its own devices for a bit.

4. Wavy Mini Shag Hairstyles

Shag hair can be tricked into that “wet” look as well with a choppy hairstyle and some hair wax.

5. Undercut 80’s Hairstyles

Undercuts are one of the easiest 80’s and 90’s inspired hairstyles to get, style, and adapt to modern times.

6. Shaggy Hairstyles

Get a shaggy haircut for a subtle, slightly retro look that might be hard to place but will surely give you the laid-back look you are aiming for.

7. Layered 80’s Inspired Hairstyles

Long layers and bangs are the ultimate way to showcase the 80’s and 90’s inspired hairstyles without looking like the cover of a magazine!

8. Backcombed Hairstyles

Fluff up your hair with the most popular hair trick from the 80’s: the backcomb! This style will give you the vibe you want, but you won’t look like you are going to a themed party.

9. Choppy Bangs 80’s Hairstyles

When anime was just starting to grow, every nerdy kid wanted a hairstyle like this. Get it now and show how edgy became mainstream!

10. The Poof Hairstyle

This is the staple look of the 80’s, and the combination of extreme backcomb and tight curls are ready to make a comeback!

11. The Mullet Hairstyle

The mullet was a popular hairstyle for young men, but it has been extended to women in recent years. So keep it in mind when looking for 80’s and 90’s inspired hairstyles.

12. Crimped 80’s Hairstyles

Who can overlook the crimped look? It’s so rooted in the “just because I can” attitude towards hair popularized in the 80’s!

13. The Perm Hairstyle

Perms never really went away, they were just adapted to the times. But you can always bring back the original fluffy perm!

14. 80’s Inspired Business Hairstyles

If you want a very 80’s hairstyle but still have to stick by a dress code, try this professional do!

15. Half Up 80’s Hairstyles

Tie back the top half of your hair and don’t forget to tease the under-layer for the big 80’s look!

16. Curly Pixie Cuts

Even pixie cuts had to be big and curly! Use accessories to pull the bangs out of your face if you decide to go for this rebel look!

17. Messy 80’s Inspired Hairstyles

The bedhead look she is sporting may seem easy but it’s in fact a hair sculpture with a bottle of hairspray in it!

18. Large Waves Hairstyles

Who can forget the colorful heat-less curlers and the look that they create? Try them for authenticity’s sake!

19. Extra Volume Hairstyles

Though this look is from an advert of the times, thick hair never goes out of fashion so you can subtly style it like this and no one will bat an eye!

20. Highlighted 90’s Hairstyles

The 90s were the time when your hair lightening in the sun was all the rage, and products that help with that were on the rise. Create the same effect with highlights!

21. Colored Long Bangs

In the 90’s, colorful hair became more popular, especially colored bangs. A style like this will always remind 90s kids of their childhood!

22. Rounded Bob 90’s Hairstyles

As a countermove to the more rebellious 80’s and 90’s inspired hairstyles, this bob haircut became the style of choice for the “good” girls.

23. Feathered Bangs

Feathered bangs were a popular choice in the 90;s. See them here combined with a more modern haircut in a great fusion look!

24. Loose Wavy Hairstyles

With festivals on the rise, the flow hair, hippie look made comeback, so a wavy, loose, and slightly messy hair is always a good subtly vintage style.

25. Skater 90’s Hairstyles

Skater girls started developing their style in the 90’s, so high, practical ponytails and negligent, just hanging loose hair make good subtle styles to bring back.

26. Pink Vibe Hairstyles

Having a full head of pink hair in the 90’s was a brave move. Nowadays it’s just Tuesday, but that doesn’t stop you from living your dream style at last!

27. Clipped 90’s Hairstyles

Blend vintage and practical in this clipped back style. The big strands of hair and neutral clips make this style perfect for flying just under the radar.

28. Messy Wavy Hairstyle for Long Hair

The messy 80’s look made room for a more tame version in the 90’s, but the appeal of imperfect hair is still there!

29. Double Half Buns

Inspired by anime and edge culture in the 90’s, these top knots are now just mainstream enough to have some vintage value without being too obviously a throwback style.

30. Feathered Layered 90’s Hairstyles

Feathered hair was once the ultimate rebellion. Now it’s nothing extraordinary, but some styles, like this one, keep their angst teen vibe.

31. Alt Skater Girl Hairstyles

Add a bright and unnatural color on top of the skater girl look for this rebellious hairstyle!

32. TV Featured 90’s Hairstyles

This hairstyle was featured in a Japanese movie, and all girls wanted it. It might be time it made a comeback!

33. First Bantu Knots

Appropriating protective hairstyles weren’t that frowned upon in the 90’s, and white girls went around sporting box braids and Bantu knots. With the exception of a theme party, this look is better left in the past.

34. Double Knots Hairstyles

The double knots, the waves, and the long bangs create this staple 90’s hairstyle, of course, complemented by accessories.

35. Bedazzled 90’s Hairstyles

The preteen and early teen kids in the 90’s knew the value of decorating your hair with ALL the accessories, so live the dream and braid beads in your hair!

36. Return of the Poof

The fluffy top knot declined after the 80’s but made a comeback in the 90’s for people with naturally curly hair this time.

37. Curly Bob Cut

There is something about the 80’s and 90’s inspired hairstyles and being mandatory big. And bobs are no exception.

38. The Double Half-Up Pigtails

Another staple look of the 90’s kids, this style can make a comeback among teachers and people who deal with children.

39. Crimped Hairstyles

The 80’s crimp didn’t go away in the 90’s, it was perfected. And you can always use it for the sake of nostalgia!

40. Butterfly Clips

If earlier I gave you an example of subtle and practical butterfly clips, here they are making an appearance as an accessory.

41. Rebel Hairstyle

This was the style that all the rebel kids wanted back in the day, and having this haircut made you instantly cool!

42. A Drop of Color for Goth Hairstyle

Let’s start easy, with colored dark hair, a look you can see on many platforms as goth.

43. Side Shave 80’s and 90’s Hairstyles

While this shaved style is closer to goth punk than anything else, but it still has its origin in he 90’s.

44. Blue Messy Hairstyles

Another take on the goth style wit blue hair and choppy layers. This style works great for when you want to be able to go under the radar, because it doesn’t stand out on its own.

45. Goth Inspired 80’s Hairstyles

Put the 80’s tease to good work with this extreme backcombed hairstyle! Still out there, but also a nostalgia trip!

46. Face Framing Dark Hairstyles

These face-framing strands are the dark version of the anime hairstyle earlier on this list, rooted in visual key, a style originating in the 1980’s Japan.

47. Goth Dreadlocks

Thin dreadlocks can still be a valid fashion choice if worn with a goth look, even if they are a throwback to the 90’s.

48. Soft Look Hairstyles

This hairstyle is the balance between what is socially accepted and the inner goth trying to reach out!

49. Rock Concert Pink Hairstyles

Be always ready for a concert! This hairstyle will always stand out, due to its colors and pink bangs.

50. Princess of Darkness Hairstyle

No 80’s and 90’s inspired hairstyles list would be complete without mentioning the lady who blended goth and mainstream in her look, Winona Ryder!

51. Julia Roberts Perm Hairstyles

Julia Roberts was a hairdo pro back in the day, so you could try to model your 80’s and 90’s inspired hairstyles after hers!

Final Thoughts

Have these 80s and 90s inspired hairstyles sent you down memory lane? Or are you nostalgic for a time you didn’t even live? Let me know in the comments below which of these gave you nostalgia whiplash and which ones you would totally wear!

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