51 Most Popular Medium Hairstyles for Women in 2023

The borders of “medium” hairstyles are a little fuzzy since it can mean anything past the ears and no longer than shoulderblades. When it comes to straight hair, that is. Curly and natural hair are even more tricky to frame, but I did my best! Have a look!

I. Medium Hairstyles For Thick Hair

1. The Millennial Hairstyle

The stylist who took this picture says this is a popular hairstyle among his late-twenties and early thirties clients, so it must be a growing trend!

2. Rounded Bob

You can go for a rounded, more timeless bob hairstyle! And if this particular one doesn’t strike your fancy, we have a whole collection to pick from!

3. Long Waves

This hairstyle finds itself in the longer half of “medium”, enough to allow for a few loose waves.

4. Straight Cut Medium Hairstyles

Go for a straight cut to create the sensation of neatness and emphasize the thickness of your hair.

5. A Touch of Curls

Use slightly curled layers to get the best of both worlds: both longer and very short hair!

6. Feathered Medium Hairstyles

This mullet was popular with men in the 80s, but with this feathered version of it, women are now reclaiming it.

7. Soft A-line Bob

Try this barely-angled A-line bob for a classic, timeless look that is great for women who mean business.

8. Outturned Layers

Add some spice to and otherwise plain haircut with some feathered layers, created to spike outwards!

9. Classic Lob

Go for another classic hairstyle, a longer bob, better known nowadays as simply the lob.

10. Thick Medium Hairstyles

In this A-line-shaped bob, you can see clearly how much hair she actually has. Try this style to highlight your own thick hair without keeping it too long!

II. Medium Hairstyles For Dyed Hair

11. Wisps of Color

Pepper some color in your hair with these light-red strands!

12. Bright Medium Hairstyles

This colorful yellow hairstyle is bound to brighten your day, and the day of everyone you meet. It’s like a drop of sunshine!

13. Blue Danube

Take a trip down these blue waves and let the wisps of hair dance in the wind!

14. Fall Medium Hairstyles

This black to red gradient is a great color idea for a fall hairstyle that can easily be adapted to winter.

15. Sharp Angles

Pair your sharp features with a sharply angled bob in this ideal hairstyle for square faces.

16. Pretty Pink Medium Hairstyles

Get a pastel pink hairdo on the shorter side, for a young, fresh-looking hairstyle!

17. Bright Fuchsia

Take a brave turn and dye your hair this bright fuchsia color and pair it with choppy layers for an even more edgy look!

18. Forest Green Medium Hairstyles

The great advantage of this hair color is that it works on dark hair as well, so you don’t need to come near bleach. Your hair will thank you!

19. Highlighted white

This drip-down purple gets quickly lost in the white hair creating a frosty effect.

20. Christmas Themed Medium Hairstyles

It is never too early for getting ready for Christmas and a two-colored hairstyle in red and green is a great way to subtly start!

III. Medium Hairstyles For Curly Hair

21. Gray Roots Medium Hairstyle

This lovely lady is growing out her gray hair and embracing the natural shape of her hair, including the curls!

22. Long Pixie Cut

A pixie cut can easily grow into a medium hairstyle, but as she proves, it can be a great choice!

23. Black roots with Blond Strands Medium Hairstyles

There are some strands that are clearly out of range for medium hairstyles, but the bulk of her hair still fits. Probably because it is curly.

24. Artistic Inspiration

At the right length, curly hair can create striking halo-like imagery and impressive photos!

25. Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces

Round faces can benefit from a chin-length hairstyle like this one in the picture.

26. Postcard Ready

This look unintentionally creates the illusion that she is part of a postcard from the 80s.

27. Shy Curls Medium Hairstyles

She might be sporting, but her hair curls in an adorably cute look, completed by the brown hair!

28. Curly Medium Hairstyles

Quite literally. A hair this shape and with this kind of haircut will forever do exactly what it wants!

29. Layered Medium Hairstyles

This layered curly hairstyle is a great choice to complete an urban look!

30. Frizzly Hairstyles

She has no connection to the eccentric teacher, but her hair seems to frizz just as much!

IV. Medium Hairstyles For Thin Hair

31. Wavy Medium Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Use clever coloring and barely-there waves to give more volume to thinner hair. And you don’t even need to have long hair for that!

32. Side Parted Medium Hairstyles

Free your face visually by simply parting your hair to a side. Besides, this look will give you more volume to work with.

33. Wind Swept Medium Hairstyles

It’s clearly not her age, not with this youthful, fun, wind-swept hairstyle!

34. Soft Blonde Curls

Have a go at some platinum blonde curls, starting just on your temples, to frame your face and emphasize your eyes

35. Long Bangs Medium Hairstyles

Experiment with some longer feathered bangs to frame your face in a cute look!

36. Feathered Layers

Create the illusion of feathered layers by shaping your hair and leaving its natural strands clump together.

37. Fluffy Medium Hairstyles

Combine a fluffed-up hairstyle with a soft-featured face and create this gentle, natural look.

38. Silver Gray Medium Hairstyles

Try this steel-gray hairstyle with rounded bangs to spice up that long bob!

39. Highlighted Strands

Highlight a few strands to create the sensation of an underlaying layer of hair.

40. Overgrown Medium Hairstyles

Here is another example of the highlight trick, this time used on hair in the process of transitioning from medium to properly long.

V. Medium Hairstyles For Natural Hair

41. A little frizz

While this hairstyle is nowhere near others on this list, there is some fluff happening here too!

42. Silk Pressed Medium Hairstyles

Silky smooth hair is so satisfying to see, especially after you’ve seen yourself with fluffy hair for years.

43. Afro Game on Point

Hair wide as her shoulders and almost globular, now this is an impressive afro hairdo!

44. Crochet Braids

Maintain the shape of your hair, but tame it slightly with some crochet braids.

45. All Oiled Up

A looser type of natural can benefit from this deeply oiled look. It actually fits the hair, and it looks great!

46. Small Twisted Cornrows

Mid-length hair can be put in protective hairstyles on its own without a problem, like these twists here!

47. The fold ‘n tuck

Another protective hairstyle, this timeless time-consuming to make is this fold and tuck style that works exclusively on medium-length hair.

48. Add Extensions

Do not hesitate to incorporate extensions in your protective hairstyles!

49. Gravity-defying Hairstyle

She attempted a perm and the result is this impossible hairstyle that looks gorgeous nonetheless!

50. Very Fluffy Hairstyle

Then there’s the classical fluff, nicely rounded and elegant.

51. Cara Delevingne Medium Length Hairstyle

Even celebrities had their medium hair phase and he rocked hers with these feathered highlighted strands!

Final Thoughts

So, have I convinced you to love your medium hair, no matter what type it is? Let me know in the comments section below and tell me which hairstyle on this list you liked the most!

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