51 Most Popular Haircuts For Square Faces in 2023

Not all hairstyles work on this face shape. Check out this list of trendy hairstyles for square faces, designed to compliment you. Find your next hairdo here!

A “square face” has strong cheekbones, a strong jawline, and a flat chin. The forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are all the same width. If your chin is pointy, but the rest of the criteria are the same, that is a heart-shaped face, and it is close enough to square to be included in this list.

I. Long Hairstyles For Square Faces

1. Low waves

Long, straight hair can emphasize the sharp features, but a bit of a wave can go a long way, even if they are low.

2. Cascade

Let your hair spread over your shoulders rather than keeping it all in front or all in the back.

3. Layered Hairstyles for Square Faces

Layers also visually change the shape of your face and sweeten the lines.

4. Side Swept Bangs Haircuts for Square Faces

Straight across bangs are another sharp line, but most side swept bangs are great hairstyles for square faces.

5. Shaggy Haircuts for Square Faces

Try a shaggy haircut to make your hair attract all the attention with obvious layers and highlight the rounds on your face.

6. Messy Hairstyles for Square Faces

Don’t bother too much with making your hair neat and tidy. A bit of mess makes it look like you’re not trying too hard.

7. Long Bangs Haircuts for Square Faces

I mentioned side bangs before and here is the longer version of that. The goal is to hide the width of your forehead.

8. Side Part Haircuts for Square Faces

A side part does the same thing as side bangs: visually make your temples and forehead smaller than your cheekbones.

9. Uneven Bob Cuts

Long bobs are in general a good choice hairstyles for square faces, but add some flair to it by making it uneven.

10. Top Knot Hairstyles for Square Faces

No matter the hairstyle you have, sometimes you need to get your hair out of your face. Make a top knot and you’re done!

11. Puffy Hairstyles

While not exactly practical, this hairstyle was once the trend and it was designed to make the face seem more square.

12. Practical Bun

If practicality is what you’re after, make a messy bun on top of your head, tie it with a scrunchie and relax.

13. Angular Hairstyles

This half-bun made with the front hair highlights the shape of your face, for those days when you want to throw stereotypes out the window.

14. Wisps of Hairstyles

If you put your hair in a ponytail or a low bun, leave some strands out in front. It looks trendy and it suits a square face.

15. Curled Hairstyles for Square Faces

If you have thin hair that just hangs by your face, try curling it a little, using large, lazy curls.

II. Mid-Length Hairstyles For Square Faces

16. Side Parted Bang Haircuts for Square Faces

And your forehead with long, side parted bangs. This is a cute, innocent look that you can sport.

17. Very Puffy Styles for Square Faces

Use your hair to create a bit of a rounder look. If it looks so good on her, why wouldn’t it look great on you?

18. Relaxed Hairstyles for Square Faces

You can just relax, have a cute hairstyle and not worry about what people think!

19. Long Bob Cuts

I mentioned bobs and long bobs before, but here is another example of lob hairstyles for square faces.

20. Feathered Bob Cuts

Try thinner, feathery tips for your bob as an extra personal touch. And have your bangs done to match, of course.

21. Shoulder-Length Hairstyles for Square Faces

This is a great combo of waves and side part with a fluffy top.

22. Simple Straight Haircut

Less is more in some cases, so have a go at a simple, straight haircut. It might just be the do for you and you can style it later anyway.

23. Round Bob Haircuts for Square Faces

A rounded bob like this one helps soften your features and tricks the eye into seeing a more rounded face shape.

24. Straight Bob

A longer straight bob is a simple, classic style that looks great no matter what!

25. Long A-line Bob

Go for the trendy A-line bob with a longer front and shorter back. It has all the advantages of short hair and long hair together. Plus it can go in a ponytail with no problem!

26. Wavy Shoulder-Length Hairstyles for Square Faces

Pair feathered shoulder-length hair with waves for this Cali girl look.

27. Curled Bottom

Curl only the ends of your hair to give it just a bit of volume and an elegant look.

28. Half-up Hairdo

This is the older sibling of the very square bun from earlier, but this time it’s more practical and less of a statement.

III. Short Hairstyles For Square Faces

29. Classic Bob

A foolproof hairstyle, the classic bob, if a little short, is a simple, easy-to-maintain, and good-looking haircut.

30. Long-SCAN ided Pixie Cut

The two strands of hair on the sides are framing the face in a way that softens the lines and tricks the eye.

31. Colorful Hairstyles for Square Faces

Any hairstyle goes with colors, so why not try a two-colored do?

32. Chin-Length Straight Bob Haircuts for Square Faces

Straight chin-length hairstyles aren’t the best choice for square faces, because they tend to sharpen the features even more, but maybe that’s the effect you are going for.

33. Long Messy Pixie Cuts

Long pixie cuts are great hairstyles for square faces because they are so versatile and can be styled however it suits you best.

34. Short A-line Bob Haircuts for Square Faces

This works great if you want to highlight the strong lines of your face and look commanding.

35. Naturally Curled Hairstyles for Square Faces

This hairstyle is an older bob, in the process of growing, and the curl is a telltale sign she keeps that strand behind her ear.

36. Gray Haircuts for Square Faces

Colors can soften features as well as lines, so why not try a silver-gray hairstyle?

37. Curled Bangs Hairstyles for Square Faces

The two rounded lines, her bangs curled in one direction and the rest of the hair in the other, create a balance with the blocky structure of the face.

38. Wavy Bob Haircuts for Square Faces

Add some texture and volume to a simple platinum blonde bob with some loose, irregular curls.

39. Straight Bangs

Generally, straight bangs are a no-no on square and heart-shaped faces, but the sounded strands makes this look work for her.

40. Wispy Strands

Floaty, flowy hair is soft and gentle and it woks to soften your features as well.

41. Accessorised Hairstyles for Square Faces

Don’t be afraid to add accessories, particularly the kind that make your face seem taller than it is, and adds a rounded line, like this bow.

IV. Curly Hairstyles For Square Faces

42. The Natural Curl

If you are lucky enough to have a naturally curly hair, you are pretty much all set! Let it do its thing.

43. Just the Back

Frizz and curl the top and back, as well as down the layers and leave your bangs straight.

44. Elegant Hairstyles for Square Faces

These delicate and windswept curls are elegant an fit for any occasion, from a picnic to a ball.

45. Frizzed Up

Don’t worry about your hair getting messy during the day. This look is intentionally frizzy on the head to add some volume.

46. Professionally Done

You can style your hair at home but from time to time, it needs a professional’s touch. Just look at those perfectly even waves!

47. Round Fluff

Let your hair do its thing and go wild. Trim it in shape and that’s all the care it needs. Besides, of course, the moisturizing and occasional protective hairstyles.

48. Top Heavy Hairstyles for Square Faces

Most of her hair is piled on the top of her head, creating a rounded look. It helps that she has a natural curl.

49. Round Halo

Counterbalance the shape of your face with the shape of your hair. Go for an all-rounded hairstyle, supported by waves and curls.

50. Temple Part Haircuts for Square Faces

She went even further than a side part and created this relaxed, yet ordered naturally curly hairstyle.

51. Mermaid Waves

This bright pink hairstyle stands to prove colors are a great choice for all face shapes!

Final Thoughts

I hope these ideas for hairstyles for square faces were useful and you have found your next look. Do let me know how it went in the comment section below!

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