53 Hottest Pink Hair Color Ideas Trendy in 2023

Are you looking for a change of look and you don’t really want a haircut? Try a new color! Take a look at these 50+ ideas for pink hair color ideas we gathered and decide once and for all if pink is your thing!

1. Vintage meets Modern Pink Hair Color Mix

The combination of a 1960’s inspired hairstyle and a pastel pink hair color may be an unusual one but when it looks this good, what can we say?

2. Soft Pink Waves

The color is subtle, just enough to be seen without popping out, ideal for a change of look that looks as if you’re not even trying!

3. Cotton Candy Hair Color

The combination of waves, shades of pink , and shoulder-length hair makes an elegant look with its relaxing color.

4. Gray to Pink Fade Color

Every inch of her hair taken separately looks gray, but the overall pink hue is just enough for a classy look.

5. Mesmerizing Messy Curls

We are sure no two strands are alike, so try this hairstyle if you’re looking for an easy-to-maintain do.

6. Mermaid Wavy Pink Hair Color

It seems to defy gravity in a way, but you don’t need to trade your voice for it. All you need is a bit of daring to decide to go for an unusual color for your hair!

7. Pastel Pink Weave

It takes a long time and dedication to get this kind of weave, but pair it with a pink hair color and the results are amazing!

8. Mixed Pink Highlights and Lowlights

It might be the whole do, but we expect to find her sharing an apple with a horse or whispering to a little bird.

9. Pixie Cut with Pink Hair Color

This grandma decided she has waited enough and finally styled her hair in her favorite color. And she rocks it!

10. Pink Hair Color with Black Roots

Definitely not us, and clearly not her. She took a chance and the soft goth look she achieved is both cute and impressive.

11. Short Bob for Women with Pink Hair Color

Just take a look at this do! It says “I want to stand out but pretend I am not”.

12. Pastel Pink Hair

The soft tones, the vintage dress, and the overall eerie look make us think she might be a fairy in disguise, ready to enchant us.

13. Neon Pink Hair Color

The pigment is said to be almost impossibly pink but she seems to have caught it pretty well.

14. Wavy Pink Strands

It doesn’t have to be October to be spooky. Accessorize your pink hairstyle with a creepy hand pin and rock it all year round!

15. Pink Streaks, 2000’s Throwback

This contrast between the dark hair and the bright pink streaks reminds us of the early 2000’s when this style was all the jazz!

16. Blended Pink and Orange Hair Color

The yellow and orange only make the pink stand out more!

17. Fire Hairstyle

It looks amazing, but also literally reminds us of a strange colored flame.

18. Short and Violent Pink

Can you guess which one? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

19. Orange with Pink Blend

She must have all the shades on this list in her hair.

20. Fascinating Pink Waves

We could spend a good few minutes following those curls. And this is just the picture! Try it out and see what your friends say!

21. Purple to Pink Degrade

Get a sweet sweet double deal with this two “crazy” colors degrade!

22. Neon Pink Short Hairstyle for Women

Find yours with these undercut ideas and let us know if you would dye any of them pink.

23. Mixed Pink Shades and Tones

Compared to the rest on this list, this color seems to want to pretend it is a red before fully blooming into daring pink.

24. Brown Hair with Pink Strands

She found a clever way to have the best of both worlds with a secret pink underlayer ready to come out in up-dos!

25. Pale Pink Sunrise Waves

Do you miss the ocean? Capture the sunrise over a cold, lead-colored sea and bring it to your hair!

26. Medium Bob Hairstyles with Short Bangs

Pink is a warm color, yet with this style, it can look almost cold, ideal for a hot summer day. It should match your ice cream too!

27. Natural Roots with Pink Strands

They both went for a barely-there rose pink and you can see neither regrets it.

28. Layered Ashy Pink Hairstyle

Again the optical illusion of pink-but-not-really-pink, this time used to showcase the haircut.

29. Single Shy Pink Streak

Rome wasn’t built in a day! If going full head isn’t your thing, try a single pink strand and work from there.

30. Silver Rose Hair Color

Feast your eyes with this shiny silver combined with rose pink color!

31. Rose Gold Hair Color

There is clearly a lot of yellow in this hairstyle but the hair color magic made it not look orange, but that impossible shade known as rose gold.

32. Layered Short Hairstyle for Rose Gold Hair

Shorter and more pink, with the same gray undertone that gives it the distinct “rose” look, this style is great for thicker hair to showcase layers.

33. Pink Ashy Curls Hairstyles

An inspiring blend of pastel, gray, and rose curls ready to be taken out and paint the town pink.

34. Dark Tones with Pink Shades

Pink comes in all shades and even if this one is darker it still looks gorgeous on her.

35. Pink Hairstyle with Messy Curls

Confidence is key and this messy curls pink hairstyle will definitely boost yours!

36. Rose Pink Hair Color

This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one feature of the royalty of pink hair, K-pop idols.

37. Nice Magenta Curls

Accessorized with cool braids and several strands of many colors, this is a ready-to-party look for the adventurous.

38. Red Roots with Pink Ends for Long Wavy Hair

The red-pink dye combined with her natural hair color created this look that seems effortless and cool.

39. Dark Purple to Pink Degrade

And a nice pink hair color gradient to go with it!

40. Bright Neon Pink Hair Color

Bright Neon Pink is a color that can be seen from far away and it will attract people around you. If you have a strong and daring personality this is one way to show it!

41. Layered Short Dark Pink Haircuts

We suppose the darker patches still have some color while the lighter ones were white, but the effect is one no salon will be able to replicate.

42. From Red to Pink Degrade

Don’t be afraid to braid your hair, whatever color it is. the results might surprise even you!

43. Bright Sunrise Hair Color

The polar opposite of the seaside sunrise, this hairstyle replicates the color of clouds on a hot summer day.

44. Layered Fuchsia Hairstyle

You can be edgy and have pink hair and she is the living proof of that. Sharp angles and violent contrasts matter more than the color itself.

45. Rocking Dark Pink Hair

Who wanted to hide her white hair and ended up doing so much more and now she rocks her pink hair!

46. Protective Pink Curly Hairstyles

The good news is that the hair is probably not bleached. If you want to learn more about protective hairstyles and you can make natural hair look and feel great, check out these 35 timeless protective hairstyles!

47. Mesmerizing Bright Pink Waves

An easy to style fascinating hairdo, with waves that curl into unknown dark depths.

48. Ruby Hair Color

And these ones that reach out in every direction with that intentionally messy look.

49. Messy Bob Pink Hairstyles

It might be just us, but pink hair color reminds us of elves and fairies so when we see someone with this do out and about around trees that’s the first thing we think of.

50. Skin Fade Cut with Pink Top

She went all out on the hairstyle and it looks gorgeous! We are sure she would look great with a full shave as well but with the added pink wave on top, she wins hair-styling.

51. Half Pink Half Purple Hairstyle

The clear separation and the bright colors are just to dye for!

52. Bright Magenta Hairstyles

It’s never too late to try something new, whether it just popped in your head or you’ve had this idea for years and years. We can even argue that pink dye takes better on white hair than even on bleached.

53. Dark Roots with Magenta Strands

You have the confidence to be yourself and do whatever you want, despite what society says and those around you can see that in your relaxed attitude.

Bottom Line

From cute to edgy there’s a pink hairstyle for everyone’s taste out there. Did we miss your favorite? Have we convinced you to try one of these pink hair color ideas? Let us know in the comment section below!

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