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Style My Trim is a repository of hairstyles knowledge. We take pride in our comprehensive lists of hairstyles that can help any woman find the right haircut and hairdo for her.

Every member of the Style My Trim family knows that you can’t have a complete look without a proper haircut. It’s like wanting to build a sturdy house without laying out the foundation. That is why we build our website in such a manner that every woman can find proper counseling for a complete, flawless look that will match her hair type, face type, and personality.

Start by browsing our Cuts section and choose the best haircut for your face type. Then, after you scroll through all our haircut suggestions, go to our Colors category. There, you will find all the latest hair color trends as well as new refreshing takes on classic colors.

Last, but certainly not least, stop by our Hairdos and Braids categories and choose the style you want to adopt. Draw your inspiration for a complete look only on Style My Trim.

Adina Mazilu

As a Foreign Languages graduate, my passion for writing and translating came naturally from a very young age. I was always an artistic person but after college, this hobby turned into a job and then into a business. With a huge passion for beauty and fashion, my areas of interest became more and more clear. For the past few years, I have been writing about my main topics of interest which include, among others, hairstyles. Now, my most ardent wish is to expand my professional horizons and keep writing about my passions and delivering top-quality content to my readers, regardless of where they are living.

Every woman has a destined hairstyle. Find yours now!