51 Hottest Natural Short Haircuts For Black Women in 2023

Natural hair needs special attention and care! Let your hair rest for a while and try on these short haircuts for black women! You can go short, and your hair will thank you for it. Pick your favorite style and go for it!

1. Finger Curls Natural Short Haircuts For Black Women

This classic hairstyle has its “how to” instructions in the name. Pull the coils out of your eyes with a headband or ribbon!

2. Mohawk Haircuts for Black Women

Side shaves, undercuts and Mohawk styles are all the rage, so why not try one yourself?

3. Undercuts Natural Short Haircuts For Black Women

Have a look at this lovely lady rocking an undercut for more inspiration and some extra persuasion!

4. Afro Natural Short Haircuts For Black Women

Or you can simply keep all your hair, exactly the way it naturally grows. Don’t forget to moisturize the roots!

5. Close Shaved Haircuts for Black Women

A shaved head is often a mark of confidence and adding patterns has never been easier!

6. Curly Fade Haircuts

It might be a little tricky to get a fade on natural hair, but once you find a stylist who can do a good job, it will look amazing!

7. Short Fluff Hairstyle for Black Women

This is the same style as above, only kept shorter, and on a different hair type. It still looks great though!

8. Egyptian Shape Natural Short Haircuts For Black Women

A longer face is the perfect base for this hairstyle. The combo calls back to the beauties of ancient Egypt, so get this haircut and feel like a queen!

9. Tiny Twists Protective Hairstyles for Black Women

These twists are among the most versatile protective hairstyles and one you can do for yourself.

10. Colorful Haircuts for Black Women

Add a splash of excitement to your hairstyle and try a colorful do!

11. Short Curls Hairstyles

You can see the prints left by a persistent cornrow on the side of her head. This is the time to cut your hair short and let it regenerate!

12. Regenerative Hairstyles for Black Women

Too much pulling with braids, constant coloring or straightening can weaken the roots, resulting in thin hair. Give it time to replenish!

13. Vintage Inspired Haircuts for Black Women

She looks like she is taken from another decade because of how her hair is pulled back.

14. Twisted Cornrows

Combine a bob with twisted cornrows for a fresh, young look! Just expect to be carded!

15. Spiky Haircuts for Black Women

Let your rebellious soul show with these fall colored spikes!

16. Overgrown Buzz

When a buzz cut starts to grow back and you want to let it, this is the intermediate phase, that you can make look great!

17. Half Cornrows

Short hair rarely can be pulled in full head cornrows, but you can get the best of both worlds with this half-done style!

18. Chic Bob Cuts

Have a go at an elegant and trendy bob hairstyle with this chin-length haircut!

19. Straight Bangs Haircuts for Black Women

The classic combo: straight bob and straight bangs. They will likely make give you a vintage vibe, so roar!

20. Street Bob Cut

This kind of chin-length bleached bob fits great with a no-nonsense street style.

21. Short A-line Bob Cut

Go for an A-line bob with a twist: a little shave at the nape of the neck!

22. Straight Bob Haircuts for Black Women

This hairstyle might make your hair look a little float, but then again, that can be the look you want!

23. Freshly Silk-Pressed Hairstyle

This slightly rounded bob will keep its shape for a long time because it was done alongside a permanent straightening treatment.

24. Shoulder-length Bob Cut

Sometimes simple is better, so don’t hesitate to get a simple, shoulder-length bob haircut!

25. The Lob Hairstyle

Go for a hairstyle that will stand out and pick a long, uneven bob like the one she is wearing!

26. Side Parted Bob Haircuts

Skip on the middle part! It rarely looks good on anyone. Instead, go for a side part that will free your face!

27. Alt Haircuts for Black Women

Sharp angles on your naturally dark hair are a sure way to up your alt factor!

28. Feathered Bangs

Take a look at this impressive feathered hair! This is a great look and you will stand out for sure!

29. Classic Bob Cuts

Return to the 1920’s when the bob was just coming into fashion and try one of the looks from vintage magazines!

30. Short Bob Haircuts for Black Women

This very short bob and side-swept bangs are a duo that complements heart-shaped faces so well!

31. Thick Bob for Black Women

Showcase your thick hair with this hair clippers cut that leaves behind sharp angles and straight lines.

32. Movie Star Hairstyle

This look is closer to a pixie cut than a bob, but it has to be said, the hairstyle looks great either way!

33. Curled Bob for Black Women

For some volume that is at the same time tamed, curl your hair with strips of fabric. And you save your hair some heat too!

34. The Side Shave Haircut

Allow a shaved side to grow a bit longer and let the rest of your hair curl as it sees fit to create this relaxed look!

35. Layered Hairstyles with Streaks of Red Color

Add a little color to your dark hair and enjoy the effect it has!

36. Gelled Down Haircuts for Black Women

Use a curl-defining gel to flatten your hair down to your head and create this shaved aspect without shaving!

37. Fully Shaved Cut

Not that shaved hairstyles are anything to be discarded! On the contrary, hey can look incredible, like the picture below!

38. Short Natural Curly Hairstyle for Black Women

A simple, short hairstyle can sometimes be the best way to highlight round faces!

39. The Puff Hairstyle

Allow your hair to grow a little longer, but still on the short side, and create this halo around your face!

40. Tall Top Haircuts for Black Women

To compensate for a round face, you can trick the eye with a taller hairstyle, like this one.

41. Crochet Braids

Go for another classic protective hairstyle, the crochet braids. The advantage is that you can still style your hair as if it were not braided!

42. Elegant Undercut

Although an undercut is usually seen as a rebellious move, it can sometimes look incredibly elegant!

43. Side-Swept Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are always a great choice for round faces, so why not try? Pull them to the side to give a little originality to a classic hairstyle.

44. Short Haircuts for Black women with Accessories

Don’t be afraid to accessorize! Whether you use braids or beads or both, a little something can go a long way!

45. Full Afro for Black Women

Simply go for the full Afro look, it will work great with a round face!

46. Vintage Curls

If you want to go back in time, then these 1950’s inspired curls are the look for you!

47. Very Short Haircuts for Black Women

Nothing wrong with going short! Get the buzz cut and you will have a fun story to tell down the years!

48. Buzz Cut

And here is yet another picture that proves that buzz cuts look great on everyone!

49. Military Cut for Black Women

This equal, even haircut is inspired by the military cuts men get, only turned into a great accessory!

50. Classic Pixie Cut for Black Women

Nothing beats a classic haircut specially this elegant short pixie cut that fits for every casual events.

51. Freema Agyeman Short Haircut

As usual, the bonus is a celebrity feature. This time, meet Freema Agyeman, best know for her role in Sense8 and as Doctor Who season 3 companion Martha.

Final Thoughts

Has any of these short haircuts for black women inspired you to get the big chop yourself? Tell me which one and how it turned out in the comments section below!

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