51 Inspiring Pixie Cut Ideas to Try in 2022

Are you ready for a change? Your long hair is no longer the thing for you? Or maybe you are looking for a new style to trim your overgrown bob. Take a look at this selection of pixie cut hairstyles and pick the one that suits you the most!

1. Creamy Blonde Pixie Haircut

A blonde dye helps hide those pesky white hairs we all get at some point and it looks good with her eyes.

2. Easy Fluffy Pixie Haircut

Tease the roots of the hair, then sweep it over to achieve this look. Unless you are very lucky and have thick hair.

3. Messy Long Pixie Haircut

There are enough long strands left to call this a long pixie cut, but you can see how happy she is to lose a good few inches of hair.

4. Green Streak Pixie Cut

Add a spot of color to your pixie cut for some extra fun. For more inspiration, explore our list of hair color ideas for dark hair!

5. Mermaid Pixie Hairstyle

This chrome metallic hair color reminds me of a mermaid’s scales. You could call this a mermaid cut.

6. Inspirational Pixie Cut

She is proof that you don’t need a specific look to be able to rock a blonde do!

7. Cute Feminine Pixie Cut

Try this hairstyle for an adorable look that doesn’t make you look like a child.

8. Long Frizzy Waves Pixie

Add texture to your hairstyle with these lazy waves.

9. Pixie Cut with Long Side Fringe

Take the staple shorter side to the extreme and turn it into an undercut.

10. A Bit of Color to Your Pixie Cut

Add a splash of pink hair for a 180 change of style!

11. Blue-Violet Highlights Pixie Cut

Is her hair really blue or violet? Either way, this is an easy-to-keep, but stunning style.

12. A Single Line Shaved Design

The shaved line highlights the shape of her head and gives this look an extra oomph!

13. Elegant Short Pixie Hair

So elegant. Despite being not even an inch long, this is a feminine pixie cut because it highlights the shape of her face.

14. Rainbow Hair Pixie Cut

Bring out the colors! Dedicated to the girls who have something to say.

15. Naturally Silver Pixie Cut

With all the attempts to get a yellow-free silver hairstyle, the easiest and most effective is mother nature.

16. Extra Textured Pixie Cut

The combination of the short and long hair, curls, and color creates a textured effect you can almost touch through the picture.

17. Flower Queen

Accessorize a pixie hair cut with flowers, small gems, or ribbons for a look that matches the fairy name.

18. Short Blonde Pixie Cut

I stand by my claim that short hair can make a femme fatale. Just take a look at her and see.

19. Textured Brown Short Pixie Cut

This do is a layered pixie cut that seamlessly goes from very short to ruffle long, creating soft lines.

20. A Different Kind of Layered Pixie Cut

Just look at those baby bangs and short sides!

21. Messy Pixie Curls

The phrase “organized chaos” comes to life in this hairstyle and they look proud of it!

22. Beachy Waves Pixie Cut

Short blonde hair with side shaved sides! Looking good!

23. Short Pixie with Curly Waves

This curly pixie cut reminds me of a favorite childhood story about wanting to always have fun and this looks like a sure way to achieve that!

24. Extra Textured Waves

With curls, color, layers, and texture, this do has it all!

25. Uneven Pixie Cut

Not everything has to be symmetrical when it comes to hair. And a splash of color is no different!

26. Brunette Curly Pixie

This girl went for a longer pixie cut, but with her curls that looks amazing.

27. Short Fine Curls Pixie

Sometimes your hair is damaged and tired and it needs a refresh. That doesn’t mean you have to get a buzz cut. A style like this will let your hair rest just as well.

28. Classy Pixie Cut

Pair your curls with bangs for this elegant look!

29. Soft Curls Pixie

And they deserve all the love.

30. Long Messy Curls Pixie

Close to the head or some curl left? Pick both with this curly pixie cut!

31. Long Shaggy Pixie Cut

Down for a rough look and a shaggy waves with side part cut.

32. Youthful Pixie Haircut

This short hairstyle combined with baby bangs looks good on anyone and the hair color looks like an incredible dye job.

33. Sharp Pixie Cut with Bangs

For all you edgy souls out there. Comes in other colors as well.

34. Feminine Pixie Cut

Bangs can be classy and simple as well.

35. Edgy Pixie Cut

And you will with this pink bicolor hair, undercuts, and straight across bangs.

36. Sheer Bangs Pixie

She loves having her fine bangs back in action!

37. Orange Hair Pixie Cut

Orange is the new black! You’ll be just as popular with this do!

38. A More Down-to-Earth Pixie Cut

This look is going to look great anywhere and on every occasion. It’s the magic of bangs, everyone!

39. Overgrown Pixie Cut Styles

Let your bangs grow and cover your eyes, dye them a cold or dark color, and enjoy goth life!

40. Platinum Pixie with Long Bangs

Accessorize with a hairband and bright colors for a happy, innocent look.

41. Anne Hathaway’s Pixie Cut

She rocked this style for a while, after shaving her head for Les Misérables.

42. Charlize Theron’s Pixie Cut

This is pretty much her usual do. Mostly she changes the color, but not the length and I have to say, she looks great!

43. Emma Watson’s Pixie Cut

She decided to get a short haircut after she was done filming Harry Potter for a much-needed change of look.

44. Ginnifer Goodwin

I find it hard to imagine her rocking any other hairstyle. Short really suits her very well.

45. Jennifer Lawrence’s Pixie Cut

Hard to think she used to have long brown hair when short blond looks so good!

46. Keira Knightley’s Pixie Cut

She is rocking a layered do with long bangs and so can you!

47. Miley Cyrus’s Pixie Cut

The pop star went through so many hairstyles, but this one looks great on her!

48. Natalie Portman’s Pixie Cut

She too shaved her head for her role in V for Vendetta and rocked short hair while her locks grew back.

49. Shailene Woodley’s Pixie Cut

She had her hair short for her iconic role in The Fault in our Stars and it looks incredible.

50. Winona Ryder’s Pixie Cut

Early 90s throwback! Wynona Ryder tried this short hairstyle to counterbalance her child-like young face and ended up creating an iconic look.

51. Audrey Hepburn’s Pixie Cut

What list would be complete without a feature from the woman who popularized the pixie cut?

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you enjoyed the article and discovered some new pixie hairstyles! After all, they are easy to style, and you can personalize them with various types of bangs, different hair colors and shades, and hairstyling techniques.

So, if the article convinced you to go short and try a pixie cut, share your favorite hairstyles with everyone in the comments section below!

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