51 Flattering French Braid Hairstyles to Wear in 2023

French Braid Hairstyles are versatile and can be done on pretty much every hair type. The best part is that you can style them in various ways and there are looks for every part of the day. You can wear simple braids when you go to work, double braids when you go out, and special braids at various events that you are attending.
Don’t wear the same braid hairstyle every day because it can become repetitive. Check out these fun ways you can shake things up!

1. Side French Braid Styles

Start braiding on the side and go across the head, then come down in a simple plait at the base of your neck. Simple, but so effective!

2. Loose and Relaxed French Braids

For a more messy look, braid loosely and allow strands to fly out. Enjoy this chill, summery look all year round!

3. Fishtail French Braids

Start with a classic French braid, then switch to a fishtail once all your hair is tied together. Guaranteed to look outstanding!

4. The Flower Crown Braid Hairstyle

Wear this crown at summer festivals or winter fairs. It all depends on the accessories, the hairstyle is the same: a wrap-around braid starting behind your ear.

5. Twist Braids Hairstyles

The hair itself is an important element. This highlighted hairstyle goes great with a classic French braid and gives it depth.

6. Faux French Braid

If you don’t have the patience or skill to do a French Braid, try a faux. Tie a small portion of hair with a clear elastic, add some hair, and tie it again. Repeat.

7. Curly Waves French Braid Styles

This is a great idea if you have curly or thick hair! It pulls your mane back and keeps it secure, while also giving you a stylish look.

8. Double French Braided Updo

These bun French braid styles are a great option to spice up a professional look!

9. Puffy Side French Braid

Up your side braid game with this fluffed version! It looks great for all occasions, from an office party to a wedding, it all depends on the accessories.

10. French Braid Hairstyles with Undercut

Mix a rebellious undercut with a more conservative braid for a surprising effect!

11. Upside Down French Braid

Turn stereotypes on their head with this upside-down French braid and bun combo!

12. Stylish and Put Together

Variations of these classic French braid styles look professional and keep very long hair clean, organized, and out of the way.

13. Tucked French Braid Styles

Once you are done braiding, tuck the loose end under the braid to keep it out of the way. It’s a great solution for thin hair, as it hides the end braid.

14. Bring Out the Colors

A French braid emphasizes the color blend in this hairstyle and it looks great! Check out these ideas for more hair colors!

15. Mermaid French Braids

Focus on keeping the strands you add equal, not on finishing at the base of the head. Keep going down for this effortless look!

16. Fishtail Pigtails Braid

This is one of the more difficult French braid styles out there and it needs patience and precision. The results are worth it though!

17. Shy Behind the Ear Braid

You don’t have to include all the hair in a braid. A small, hidden braid adds a surprising element of elegance to loose locks.

18. Tiny French Braids

These might not be your typical two French braids but you can try this look for a simple and elegant do. Pin up just half of the hair for a more relaxed version.

19. Pink French Braids Hairstyles

These braids bring out the pink big time and complete a slightly rebellious look. Check out more pink hairstyles for inspiration!

20. Classic French Braids

No list would be complete without an entry from the back-to-school look we all sported at some point. The two braids are practical and secure so use them for everything sport!

21. Nice and Neat Braids

French braid styles can be protective as well as good-looking! Use this if you have natural hair and need to keep it secured and neat.

22. Braids for Cool Teacher

You can wear your braids at work as well, like this teacher does. Add a splash… or more of color to keep it looking cool!

23. Back-to-School Braids

Looking for inspiration for the little one’s hair? Or simply for something for your inner child? Go for this combination of French braids and rainbow elastic bands!

24. Ribbon French Braids Hairstyle

Braid ribbons or colored stripes in your hair to emphasize your hair color or style. Go for matching or contrasting!

25. Double Crown Braids

If one braid isn’t enough for your crown, try with two!

26. Festival Fishtail Braids

This is the double version of the fishtail braid and frankly, I admire this person’s patience!

27. Ombre French Braids

Try pairing French braids with Ombre hair for a surprising effect!

28. Really Short Braids

You don’t need long hair to do French braids. A bob will probably be enough. Add a splash of color for some extra effect.

29. Half Done Loose French Braids

Try these loosely done half-braids for a relaxed look. They are also perfect for hiding your roots if your hair can go one more day without washing.

30. Prom French Braid Styles

Add a braid to the side of your prom bun for more volume and a bonus of elegance!

31. Wispy Thin Braids

Match an ethereal outfit with these wispy thin braids. Accessorize with flowers!

32. Heat-free Summer Braids

French braid styles have the advantage that they can curl long hair without using heat. Wear them as practical preparation for an event!

33. French Braids with Double Bun

Once the braids lift from the head, start coiling them for a double bun look!

34. Braids as Accessories

Use the braids as accessories for a bun. They are excellent for adding some elegance to a simple look.

35. Crossing French Braids

Another simple design or style for French braids are that the two long braids can be cross from one another.

36. Platinum White Waterfall French Braid

Is she the mother of dragons? This hairstyle seems to point that way.

37. Rose Waterfall French Braid Styles

Waterfall braids are an elegant variant of the French braid, and they are relatively easy to do. Get the rose effect by coiling the remaining hair and pinning it in place.

38. French Braid Hairstyle with Space Buns

Try these French braid styles that bring your hair on the top of your head.

39. French Braids on Top of Braids

Use smaller braids as strands of hair to add to your French braid for some extra texture to your hair.

40. French Braids with Ponytail

French braids are simple braids looped around the head, but if your hair is long you can compensate with this ponytail style french braids.

41. Faux French Braid Half Up Top Knot

French braids are versatile and can be used to replace pretty much any haircut in existence. All you need is imagination!

42. Practical and Pretty French Braid Styles

This hairstyle consists of a French braid finished in a simple bun. They keep any loose strands in place and the look comes together nicely.

43. Serpentine Braid Styles

Her French braid styles resemble a winding mountain road. Try this look and go on an adventure!

44. Five Strand Fishtail French Braids

This is not a hairstyle you can do at home, but I believe it deserves an honorable mention.

45. Fall French Braid Styles

This blend of two French braids, loose hair, and reddish colors is a great fall hairstyle!

46. Double Four-strand French Braids

Double up on the four-strand style with this pair of side braids that intersect in a mesmerizing way!

47. Weave French Braid Hairstyle with Pigtails

The struggle all girls with thick hair know: there’s just so much of it! Tame it with these weave-like French braids brought together into pigtails.

48. Curly Waterfall French Braid Hairstyles

Pair a waterfall hairstyle with curls for a free, nature-inspired look!

49. Bubble French Braids

A Bubble braids with French braids as its foundation. Confusing, but good looking!

50. Complex French Braids with Bubble Braid Pigtails

The weave on her head is impressive and a little intimidating, but if you can get this hairstyle, you are sure to turn some heads.

51. Impossible French Braid Styles

Clearly possible, but very complex, this hairstyle looks incredible! A good hairstylist should be able to do it. While waiting, take a look at these blue hair ideas for inspiration!

Final Thoughts

Have I convinced you to bring back French braid styles? Which ones will you try to do yourself and which ones will you have done? Let me know in the comment section below!

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