50 Ombre Hairstyles In All Colors Of The Rainbow

Discover all the most beautiful ombre hairstyles that you can start wearing anytime you want no matter the base hair color as we have put together a list of the most beautiful styles arranged according to the colors they use.

1. Black to Bright Red Ombre

2. Dark Brown to Neon Orange Ombre

3. Icy White and Sunflower Yellow Ombre

4. Brown to Emerald Green Ombre

5. Icy Gray to Aqua Blue Ombre

6. Purple Ombre with Ash Gray Undertones

7. Blue-Violet Ombre

8. Fiery Red to Caramel Blonde Ombre

9. Red Hot Coppertone Ombre

10. Red to Rose Gold Ombre

11. Dark Orange Roots to Pastel Tip Ombre

12. Copper to Bright Orange Ombre

13. Peach Pastel Orange Ombre

14. Orange Roots to Peach Ombre

15. Copper Red to Sunflower Ombre

16. Mellow Yellow Ombre

17. Lime to Pastel Green Ombre

18. Ice Blonde to Dark Blue Reverse Ombre

19. Jade to Navy Ombre

20. Light Brown to Emerald Green Reverse Ombre

21. Black to Smoky Green Ombre

22. Light Blue Ombre with Medium Brown Root Melt

23. Bleach Blonde to Pastel Blue Ombre

24. Cranberry and Violet Color Melt Ombre

25. Brown to Pastel Purple Ombre

26. The Silver Blond Ombre

We will start off this list of ombre hairstyles with silver blonde, a look that channels more than one trend into one. To begin with, you’ve got the beautiful blonde base color and then there’s the incredibly pretty blonde to silver blond ombre. Combined, they give off a metallic look that is very fashionable.

27. The Light Caramel Ombre

This is a very good example of an ombre hairstyle and the perfect one to distinguish it from balayage too! The hairstyle starts off from a very dark brown base and continues to golden caramel and light caramel before ending in almost white blonde tips.

28. The Sandy Blonde Ombre

This sandy blonde ombre style starts off very subtle and could have been easily confused with a full balayage – that is, if it weren’t for the very blonde tips. As you can see, the base is a dark brown that transitions to sandy blonde. Then, about halfway down to even just the tips, the hair turns into a cream soda blonde. The color differences are further brought out by the styling – the loose waves help accentuate it.

29. The Natural Ombre

Women looking for a natural ombre will simply adore this combination as this is easily one of the most subtle and yet stunning styles that charms in its simplicity. This ombre hairstyle is made all the sweeter thanks to the subtle waves that you can get with some help from hair rollers or a curling wand – provided they don’t come naturally.

30. The Honey Blond Ombre

Continuing the list of natural-looking ombre hairstyles, we present you with honey ombre! This look is a bit more complex than first meets the eye as while the hair starts off from darker roots, it also ends in darker tips. We are drawing attention to the fact that the dark brown falls into honey blonde but then ends in honey brown.

31. The Reverse Ombre

We also couldn’t miss the opportunity to present you with the reverse ombre, a style that does exactly the opposite of an ombre. As its name suggests, this type of dyeing starts off from a significantly lighter base and then ends in dark tips. Here, it starts off from honey blonde, goes to some honey brown, and then ends in chocolate brown. As with the other styles, the curls and waves help draw attention to the color melts.

32. Brown Ombre Hairstyles

Moving on to brown ombre styles, the first thing we’ll point out is how good ombre can look even on straight long hair. It also looks great because of the different colors in it, of course, as there is a mix of dark brown to almost chocolate brown, sandy brown, and sandy blonde tips.

33. The Ash Brown Ombre

Another great straight hair idea, but this time around, one also styled in a half-up way. The hair is tied in a messy bun made quite high on the crown of the head. Besides looking lovely on its own, this also helps show off in a beautiful way the ash brown hair color and the significantly lighter tips.

34. Sharp Dark To Light Ombre Hairstyles

There is nothing subtle about this color gradient as, instead of smoothly falling into one another here, the contrast between the shades is quite striking. While the deep brown of the roots falls into brown, the transition to blonde is quite abrupt and only gets further accentuated by the almost white blonde tips. A stunning hairstyle, for sure!

35. The Cold Tone Ombre

While most ombre hairstyles will play around with warm colors, know that you can get yours with cold undertones too! For example, this is a dark brown, medium brown, and light ashy brown, all in cold undertones.

36. Ombre Highlights

Know that you can also go just for ombre highlights and that you don’t necessarily have to dye all your hair ombre. Take a look at the photo and admire the dark brown to medium brown cold ombre highlights on black hair. The color accents are very subtle and can be worn in any environment – creating loose waves will help draw attention to them, should you want to.

37. Brown To Black Ombre Hairstyles

This is arguably another case of reverse ombre as the hair starts off from a lighter color – although not by much. Observe how the dark brown roots fall into a medium brown and milk chocolate color before transitioning to darkest brown and then black at the tips of the hair.

38. Black Silver Ombre

This could have easily become a two-tone hairstyle if the colors had been applied differently. However, it looks just as stunning like this with the silver-gray being applied choppily starting at about mid-level or just on the tips. The application is made all the more obvious by the hairstyle itself – the A-line bob haircut with choppy ends.

39. Black to Gray & White Ombre

The beauty of ombre hairstyles is that you can combine a great number of shades and colors or go as black and white as you want, literary. This, for example, is a black and white ombre on significantly long hair that was curled at the ends to create loose waves. The hair starts from a dark black and continues to gray only to end in a pearly white.

40. The Sunflower Ombre

As its name suggests, this ombre hairstyle is meant to resemble the pretty sunflower. Just as the flower that it represents, the hair starts off from a black hair color that then falls into dark copper (the shortest interval) before ending in, what else, sunflower yellow.

41. The Sunset Ombre Style

Keeping on with the nature-inspired ombre hairstyles, we present you with the sunset ombre. This will replicate the colors of the sky as the sun is setting – only in reverse. Start off with a matte dark black base and then ease it into dark auburn, copper, and as many shades of red and copper as you want.

42. Black to Yellow Ombre

Less natural-looking but just as pretty is this black with blue and yellow hairstyle. This is a very interesting hair color combination as the off black hair falls into midnight blue before transitioning almost to white so as to introduce the yellow ends. Also, the mix of yellow and blue also creates almost green tints to the hair.

43. Copper Ombre Hairstyles

After taking a look at a very interesting but very much evident dye job, we are back with a coloring idea that is very close to natural-looking. The dark auburn of the hair falls into several shades of red including auburn, light auburn, and copper, to point out just as few. Nonetheless, the colors are applied so smoothly and placed so well that this could well be someone’s natural hair (almost).

44. Reverse Blonde To Red Ombre Hairstyles

Another very cool reverse ombre hairstyle idea will have you starting from a blonde hair color base and transition it until in ends in red tips. With such long locks, it is also easy to apply as many shades of either blonde or red as you’d like. Here, the beautiful color gradient at the tips is further brought out by the very loose and low curls.

45. Silver and Yellow Ombre

We have now entered an area that few dare venture into, or at least not fully. We are speaking, of course, about unconventional hair colors! The first idea we present is yet another reverse ombre look that starts off from dark natural roots, goes through opal gray, and ends in yellow at the tips. The opal gray also has slightly metallic tints to it.

46. Multicolor Ombre Hairstyles

This beautiful multicolor ombre style is here to serve as inspiration on the many colors you can apply on a single visit to the stylist. The base of this look is a pearl white while the highlights are a mix of purple with blue and even some pink thrown in for good measure. You can replicate the look entirely or go for the shades you like most – just make sure they are on the same palette so that they will match.

47. White To Purple Ombre

This reverse ombre style is more conventional and easy to wear – at least when compared to the example above. It is white-gray hair that plays around with lavender and purple starting from mid-level. The hair was also beautifully styled in curls which help make it even more of a delight to look at!

48. Pink to White Ombre Hairstyles

We are back to the ‘traditional’ ombre dyeing technique but used with unconventional colors. Play around and make the base of the hairstyle a bubblegum pink and then ends things in white blonde if you want to get the look from this photo. However, there are countless pink and blonde ombre hairstyles that you can try out and play around with.

49. Blue Strawberry Blonde Ombre

You can also take things one step further and pair pink hair with different shades of blue. Here, admire the beauty of blue strawberry hair that uses teal blue for the upper portion of hair and then falls into strawberry blonde for a beautiful, pastel fairy-like look.

50. Magenta Ombre

The last entry on this list of ombre hairstyles can easily be described in one word: vivid. It is a beautiful combination of purples and pinks as the hair starts off from black violet only to play around with deep magenta, grape, wild orchid, hot pink, pastel pink, and even some sunset orange and apricot. Simply stunning!


We’ve ended this list of ombre hairstyles on a very colorful note and we’d like to keep things bright and happy and ask you which of these styles you liked most and which you’d like to get? After all, while the unconventional hair color might not be appropriate in all conditions, you’ve also seen several more subtle options that would work exceptionally well anywhere.

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