51 Daring Colorful Hair Ideas To Wear in 2023

Don’t let yourself get stuck in the dullness of everyday life! Spice up your look and brighten your own day, as well as the day of the people who see you. Smile and get a new colorful hair hairstyle from this list!

1. Bubbly Pink Hair

This bright pink hairstyle is so happy and bubbly in itself that it’s guaranteed to make your day better from the second you look in the mirror!

2. Long Candy Color Hair

Have the entire palette in your hair and never worry if your hair matches your outfit!

3. Sunflower Sunshine

Try this sun drop inspired bright yellow hairdo!

4. Bright Purple-Pink Color Hair

This is a strong purple highlighter on top of a brown hair.

5. Peach with Rose Gold Combo

Try this rose-gold and peach combo for sweet and gentle, yet colorful hair.

6. Hidden Rainbow on Pastel Pink Hair

Under the layer of baby pink, there is a secret purple hue rainbow waiting to burst out!

7. Intense Red and Yellow Hair

The yellow and red combo, plus the waves, make her hair look like a roaring campfire.

8. Dark to Bright Colorful Hair

Start with the darkest color you can find and let it fade down to the brightest at your tips.

9. Strawberry Blonde with Rapunzel Hair

These long and literally blonde hair make for a very princess-inspired look.

10. Elegant Colorful Feathered Hair

Choose an elegant purple, pink, and white blend to look both colorful and professional at the same time!

11. Split Color Melt

This edgy look is perfect for those who want to make a statement by just walking into a room.

12. Short Bright Yellow Hair

Paired with the black outfit, this look reminds me of a bumblebee.

13. Neon Orange Striped Colorful Hair

Make your style pop even more with eye-catching stripes!

14. Yellow Long Bangs Colorful Hairstyle Ideas

Yellow is a trendy color right now, so take advantage of this and turn your hair into the shy sunflower you’ve always wanted!

15. Clear Dreamy Blue Hair Color Ideas

This bright blue hairstyle is bound to stand out anywhere! Check out other ideas for dreamy blue hair you might want to try!

16. Neon Green Buzz Hair

You can have the best of both worlds with this very short and very bright hairstyle.

17. Tropical Sunset Hair

Go for this warm short fade and don’t worry about the color washing out! It will look great the whole time.

18. Aquarelle Rainbow Hair

We have more chrome ideas down this list, but this one deserves a special mention for being short and bold.

19. Seaside Blue Hair

The sea is never this blue, but a girl can dream, especially when carrying these blue curs with her.

20. Colorful Short Bangs with White Wolf Hair

This combination of a joyful rainbow in front and steel gray in the back creates a look that is both soft and sharp at the same time.

21. Front Rainbow Strands

Sometimes a stark contrast can be as effective as a whole head of colorful hair.

22. Layered Dark Blue with Side Rainbow Color

It seems that there are two colors layered here, but look closer and you’ll find a dark blue poking from under the ends.

23. Reddish-Blue Colored Hair

This black hair has both red and blue highlights, creating the effect of those old 3D movies.

24. Colorful Hair in Purple Hues

The blend of blue and purple creates a dark, but very interesting color around the inlets.

25. Dark Gradient Hair Color Ideas

See which one of these hairstyles for long hair works best with this color gradient.

26. Pink and Blue Colorful Hair

Let warm and cool shades blend in this dark highlighted hairstyle!

27. Colorful Punk Hairstyle

Try this combination of orange and black perfect for those who love the dark aesthetic.

28. Cool Goth Hair Colors

Try this black-to-purple fade and get your hair a spooky, goth look while also keeping a spot of color! Here are other ideas of colors for dark hair!

29. Black and Fire Red Hair Color Combo

Dark doesn’t have to be bleak! Have a look at this bright red and black combo.

30. Multicolored Bright Stripes

Add some happy vibes to your dark hair with these multicolored bright stripes!

31. Pink with Rainbow Peekaboo

Each small strand is a different color, but the base is undeniably pink.

32. Brown with Colorful Ombre

While this base is brown with muted highlights, perfect for a colorful, yet tame look.

33. Colorful Cotton Candy

This pink to blue fade inspires cotton candy, unicorns, and everything magical!

34. Colorful Finger Waves Rainbow Hair

Are you ready for something just extra? Get your hair in a rainbow, but layer the colors vertically!

35. Pink Rainbow Kaleidoscope

Frame a pure rainbow with layers of bright pink for a look that will raise your level of cool instantly.

36. Colorful Waterfall Braid

This faux waterfall braid not only highlights the unicorn effect in her hair, but it’s also a great way to spice up a French braid!

37. Colorful Chrome Hair

This chrome effect is a bold move, but surely one you will love!

38. Rainbow Prism Hair

It fades into this muted combination of colors and just come out so unique and beautiful.

39. Fun Bright Rainbow Colored Hair

A fun and bright rainbows! Literally, this is her hairstyle.

40. Secretly Colorful Hair

Hidden under this white hair, there is a secret layer of colors ready to come out!

41. Soft Blue Color Hair

A faded blue hairstyle is a great way to express your unique style and keep a calm look at the same time.

42. Purple and Orange Colorful Hair

Try this seemingly violent contrast between an orange under-layer and a purple top layer of hair!

43. Root Stretch Bright Red Hair

A bright red hairstyle is both classic enough to be “appropriate” for any environment and colorful enough to make your rebel soul happy.

44. Super Pink Color Hair

Try this long, feathery bob in bright neon pink! It’s a classic among non-conforming styles.

45. Muted Rainbow Hair

Colorful doesn’t have to mean bright, unrealistic colors. Layer several natural hair colors and create an extraordinary, yet toned-down look.

46. Shiny Colorful Waves

Turn steel-gray waves even colder with some purple highlights. They blend in with the winter landscape and cool you off in summer!

47. Harley Quinn Inspired Colored Hair

Have a go at this Harley Quinn inspired look and make your comic book-loving self happy! All you need now are some pigtails and a baseball bat.

48. Pink Hair Color with Puffy Curls

This pinkish-purple fluff can be styled in so many protective hairstyles, one of which is just as it is!

49. Blonde Ombre with Under Blend Colors

Blend reds, oranges, and purples in your ombre hair for this blonde, aged style!

50. Colorful Mermaid Hair

Enjoy this mermaid look that starts with an electric green and ends in a rose-gold pink.

51. Colorful Rainbow Mohawk Curls

What color do you want your hair? Yes. This hairstyle really has them all.

Final Thoughts

I hope these colorful hair ideas tempted you to try something out of the ordinary next time you get a haircut! Let me know which one you want to try in the comment section below!

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