50 Bold And Cute Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

Just because you have short hair that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it and play around with various hair colors. While it might be harder to dye because of the lengths, continue scrolling to see pretty hair color ideas for short hair all nicely divided according to the base color. Blondes, reds, brunettes, and unconventional colors, they are all waiting below!

1. Platinum Blonde with Pink Peekaboo

2. Short Pixie Cut with Bright Red Hair Highlights

3. Short Textured Hair with Caramel Undertones

4. Short Curly Hair with Red Pigments

5. Short Wavy Hair with Lava Pink Hair Color

6. Short Wavy Hair with Beige Blonde

7. Short Textured Hair with Purple Undertones

8. Pixie Cut with Emerald and Punk Green Hair Color

9. Short Pixie Cut with Rooted Blonde Hair

10. Brown Wavy Bob Cut with Light Ash Blonde Highlights

11. Brown Pixie Cut with Multicolored Hair Highlights

12. Wavy Bob Cut with Dark Ash and Ice Blonde

13. Burgundy Blush Hair Color Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

14. Short Bob Hair with Pink Lavender Highlights and Baby Bangs

15. Messy Bob Curls with Ice Blonde

16. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut with Light Pink Over Top

17. Short Wavy Hair with Strawberry Blonde

18. Pixie Cut with Purple Haze and Hidden Rainbow Hair

19. Short Wavy Hair with Bubblegum Pink Hair Color

20. Short Wavy Black Hair with Purple Highlights

21. Asymmetrical Bob with Brown Copper Highlights

22. Short Bob with Creamy Blonde

23. Short Black Hair with Messy Curls and Ash Gray Highlights

24. Textured Bob with Vivacious Red Hair Color

25. Dark Short Hair with Chocolate Balayage

26. Scandinavian Blonde Hair Color

Few people don’t immediately think blonde hair when envisioning Scandinavian folk and the good news is that now, you can get that lovely shade of blonde yourself! Scandi blondes are colder hues that verge on light gray or bright white sometimes. Pro tip: this shade will look all the better on lighter skin tones.

27. Baby Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

Baby blonde is used to refer to that very fresh, usually very bright and light shade of this fabulous color. In this picture, see how the baby-inspired blonde was placed on dark hair with the shadow roots on full display. The look was made all the more perfect by the wavy styling of the hair and the striking red lips.

28. Medium Golden Blonde with Bright Golden Blonde Highlights

This messy, chin-length layered bob is the perfect way to flaunt that marvelous blonde hair color. This combines a medium, almost brunette base with bright golden blonde highlights. The slightly messy layers help draw attention to the various hues of the hair and also boost up the natural volume of the hair.

29. Wavy Blonde with Brown Short Bob

A list of blonde hair color ideas for short hair would not be complete without this blonde and brown combo that exudes summer. Several shades of blonde highlights (including honey, white blonde, and even some caramel blonde) were placed on a warm brown base color and styled in a blunt-ended, wavy hairstyle.

30. Creamy Blonde and Gold Blonde Hair Color Ideas

This blonde beauty has a very retro vibe that ladies looking for a Marilyn-inspired blonde hairstyle will just adore! The color of the hair is a gorgeous creamy blonde with golden blonde highlights. The finishing touch to this retro look are the right-oriented curled tips of the hair as well as the side-swept full bangs.

31. Intense Copper Blunt Bob Styles

The bob still reigns supreme and is one of the most appreciated short hairstyles all over the world. As versatile as it is frequent, don’t be afraid to go for a blunt finish, a pair of baby (or longer) bangs as well as a bold hair color. This intense copper, for example, will do the trick just marvelously!

32. Orange Copper Hair Color with Pink Undertones

Take things up a notch and really make your copper hair stand out by opting for a bright orange shade and by also adding a similar but altogether contrasting hue underneath the top locks. Below, the vivid orange was paired with magenta-pink but it can look just as great with red, for example.

33. Burgundy Color on Short Hair

From one tone of red and copper hair color ideas for short hair to another, it’s time to discuss its darker shades. This very short pixie cut was dyed a brilliant burgundy and made all the more stunning by the addition of the bright red highlights on top of the head (and only there).

34. Red Hair Color Ideas

Speaking of bright red, admire it in all its glory in this photo. This particular shade will look just as good on any hair length (be it short short like here or more towards the long side). However, while ladies of all skin tones can wear it effortlessly, it will look all the more ravishing on very light-colored or amber beauties.

35. Red Brown Hair

Red brown hair is a color all of its own but if you don’t have it by nature and aren’t willing to try getting it via hair dyes, consider adding some highlights. Whether your hair is naturally brown or red, both will look all the more lively through the addition of red or brown highlights (depending on the base).

36. Ashy Ginger Brown Hair

We’ve mentioned brown so now, we’re going full in and discussing it in particular. The first shade of brown we’re presenting is this interesting ashy ginger brown with ashy blonde tips that has a very smoky feel to it. It combines excellently with the long pixie with both long bangs and longer strands on the opposite side of the face.

37. Light Milk Chocolate Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

Chocolate is one of the prettiest and most natural-looking brown hair color for short hair. While there are as many shades as there are flavors of chocolate (or close enough, anyway) we support this milk chocolate hue. You can also play around with the chocolate and start with dark chocolate and lighten the locks until they end in a shade of milk chocolate.

38. Brown Hair with Bronzed Brown Highlights

The look of this quite masculine short crop is sweetened and made all the more feminine by the subtle play of the hair color. While most of the locks are left in a dark brown shade, the bangs, as well as top wisps of hair, were dyed a bronzed brown that adds a subtle light to the look.

39. Deep Brown Black Color

Keep it simple, keep it natural, and oh so pretty! This is possibly the best description for this short to almost mid-length straight hairstyle with blunt ends that was dyed a deep brown-black color. No highlights or other color plays either!

40. Deep Burgundy Brown Hair

While it might seem like it at first glance, this is what very deep and dark burgundy brown highlights look like. Their already cold toned and dark hue was further toned down by the fact that it was applied on dark-colored hair. The result is just as sharp as the blunt lines of the cut.

41. Brunette Pixie Cut with Long Gray and Wavy Bangs

This hairstyle might bring to mind memories of scene hairstyle but rest assured, this is a very modern look. The hair was cut in a short pixie with longer bangs that were styled in a loose wavy manner – all the better to accentuate the gray with blue undertones color of the bangs (and only them).

42. Charcoal Gray Messy Hair Style

This hairstyle can easily be described as a modern shag style. Besides the many messy layers in the hair, the next (or first) thing that draws the eye is the interesting dye job. While the locks on the very top of the head were left in their natural brunette, the rest of the hair was colored a charcoal gray.

43. Silver Gray Highlights on Brunette Hair

Continuing with the gray hair love, we have an idea that is worth more than just a silver medal. We’re talking about this long pixie almost short bob haircut that is perfectly accentuated by its silver-gray highlights. These were messily distributed all over the head and they come in both slim and chunkier strands.

44. White Gray Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

Ladies that have this hair color naturally should rejoice, and gals looking to get it thanks to hair dyes should know that it is quite hard to maintain (and achieve, in the first place). But it would have been a pity not to introduce you to this gorgeous silver white pixie!

45. Raven Hair Color

Sometimes, the best way to really focus all attention on dark hair is to go full dark or better yet, raven! The haircut is a simple pixie but the luscious raven color does not need any highlights or special styling to shine.

46. Peach Hair Color

Get ready to see all the most unconventional hair color ideas for short hair, all beginning with this pastel peach hair. This light shade can be the perfect color – no matter the season – and looks great on the short bob with baby bangs – style the hair both wavy or straight for equally pretty results.

47. Pastel Pink Pixie Cut

As daring as it gets, this short pixie was expertly colored to get an almost ombre-like effect on the hair. The top layers were dyed a pastel pink while the strands underneath are a very light to almost white pink that you can reveal or brush away at will depending on how you style the hair.

48. Green and Braided Hairstyle

This emerald green hair color is a stunner all on its own as the base color has an almost blue overtone and makes for a stunning hair color. Pair it with the half-up twisted braid hairstyle and you’ve got pretty much the perfect look!

49. Purple Short Bob

This one is specially dedicated to all purple lovers who will love wearing their favorite color in their hair! You can opt for a full head of compact purple or add purple highlights as well. They will darken or lighten your shade and draw attention to key points of the look.

50. Blue Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

We’ve seen green hair with blue overtones but now rejoice as you get to admire blue hair in its purest form! This particular shade is called sapphire blue. You can easily transform it into Persian blue or Royal blue if you feel a bit bored by it too.


Now that you’ve seen a selection of the many great hair color ideas for short hair out there, it’s up to you to decide what you’ll be going for! Will it be a blonde or brunette? A shade of copper or a really unconventional color? Drop a comment and let’s discuss!

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