50 Blonde Hairstyles To Look Your Best This Summer

The world is your oyster when you have blonde hair as, besides the fact that you can play around with many dyes and colors, you can also style those locks in many ways. Below, we’ve made a list of blonde hairstyles for your inspiration – and all neatly arranged by hair length. Enjoy!

1. Loose Waves with Root Blonde

2. Blonde Highlights with Clipped-On Back

3. Textured Lob Hair with Cream Blonde

4. Lob Curls with Ombre Blonde

5. Straight Shoulder Cut with Root Melt

6. Medium-Length Beach Waves Blonde

7. Chest-Length Wavy Blonde

8. Wavy Lob with Caramel Blonde

9. Medium-Length Haircut with Split Part Blonde

10. Textured Shoulder-Length Blonde

11. Wavy Wind-Blown Blonde

12. Messy Textured Sandy Blonde

13. Two-Tone Long Shag Blonde

14. Long Shaggy Layers with Ice Blonde

15. Straight to Wavy Ends with Bright Blonde Highlights

16. Straight Babylights Blonde

17. Shoulder Length Bob Cut with Ash Blonde

18. Shoulder Length Kinky Curls with Balayage Blonde

19. Full Platinum Blonde Blunt Bob with Side Bangs

20. Long Blonde Shag with Bangs

21. The Short Spiky Bob

We’ll start off this list of blonde hairstyles with an edgy version of one of the classiest trims around: the bob. Instead of cutting a regular or even an asymmetrical bob, infuse some personality into the cut by going for choppy and spiky ends. The side-swept bangs help complete the look and can be worn as full bangs too.

22. The Asymmetric Pixie Cut

Similarly, you can also go for a more out of the box version of the popular pixie haircut. Observe in this picture how the hair is cut significantly longer on the side and how this helps bring out the blonde color too. You can also replicate the look by going for an equally cut pixie but leaving the bangs significantly longer.

23. The Chin-Length Bob

We are back in the world of bob hairstyles with this very pretty chin-length option. This is one of the simplest ways to adopt this popular cut without saying goodbye to short hair either. It is also one of the best trims to showcase dyed blonde hairstyles as the roots and visible undersides are significantly darker colored and create a pretty contrast.

24. The High and Short Ponytail with Shaved Sides

Another way to create an intriguing haircut is to shave your sides. The exact style will depend on how rebellious or edgy you want to look. For example, in this picture, admire how short to mid hair looks like when gathered in a short and high pony made on the crown of the head. This goes to perfectly showcase the shaved sides and undercut. Also, if left free, the hair will cover the sides – the perfect cover up, if need be.

25. The Faded Blonde Pixie Cut

Similarly, you can go full out with the shaved sides and undercut by adding them to an otherwise short pixie cut. Here, to make the effect even more dramatic and interesting, the sides were also faded – the hairstyle starts with a skin fade and increases in length as it gets closer to the top of the head.

26. The Short Sides Long Top Haircut

This hairstyle is most popular among men but is now becoming increasingly more popular among women as well. We are talking about the long top, short sides haircut that basically sees the hair on the sides of the head cut short or even shaved while the locks on top are left long and styled in a variety of ways.

27. Voluminous Side Part Pixie and Blonde Hairstyles

This long pixie cut with voluminous side-parted bangs will work wonders in showing off those blonde locks of yours. The length of the bangs (and their volume) means that you can change the part as often as you want and even go for slicked back or braided looks.

28. The Short Bob with Straight Bangs

This is a very short bob – one cut asymmetrically, in the classical bob shape and which does not reach chin level even at its longest point. However, thanks to the full frontal bangs, it is one of the best ways to showcase blonde hairstyles. As you see from this picture, the roots of the hair are left significantly darker and then pass through ash blonde before ending in a honey-like shade.

29. Spiky Blonde Hairstyles

Not many women would be willing to go so short when they trim their hair – but we are sure that those that do will look stunning! Also, notice the subtle difference in shades between the spiky top and the roots. We’d say it’s a combination of sunflower with diamond blonde.

30. The Short Hair With Side Bangs Look

Many will still associate the beautiful Scarlett Johansson with the Black Widow and her fiery red locks. However, in real life, ScarJo has been rocking blonde hairstyles for a while now and while they are not as short anymore, she still is major pixie haircut inspiration.

31. Shoulder Length Bob With Long Side-Swept Fringe

Blonde hair can look very rock if styled right. Get inspired by this photo and see how a white blonde, medium-length straight shag haircut with side-swept but long bangs can make you look like the queen of rock’n’roll.

32. Wavy Blonde Hairstyles

Styling is everything (but the color helps too)! Get a very sweet look by using a curling iron or hair curlers to obtain these very loose casual waves. The waviness of the locks also helps bring out the differences shades of blonde – while the base seems to be frost blonde, there are also mocha, sand, and some champagne blonde highlights thrown in as well.

33. The Jennifer Aniston Blonde Hair

Her Rachel days are way back in the past and she has experimented with brunette hair too but Jennifer Aniston always seems to return to blonde hairstyles. And rightfully so as she looks so good with them! After all, just look at her rocking this long bob with blonde highlights and long, face-framing side bangs.

34. Layered Medium to Shoulder-Length Hairstyles

This medium to shoulder-length hairstyle is the perfect way to introduce you to the wonderful world of layers. Layering can help women with thin hair get more volume and ladies with thick hair get better control over their locks. Also, adding layers of different lengths can also draw attention to the different shades of the hair – be them highlights, lowlights, or just the tips of the hair.

35. Half-Up Half-Down Blonde Hairstyles

Another way to make it seem as if your hair has more volume than it actually does and to show off a good dye job is by going for a half-up, half-down hairstyle. This, for example, is a half-up high ponytail that is made close to the center of the head and which makes for a nice contrast between the toffee roots and the creamy blonde color of the rest of the hair.

36. The Half-Up Tucked Back Hairstyle

This other very pretty half-up, half-down hairstyle idea will have you drawing attention to the back of the head. Basically, you can get this half-up, tucked back look in two ways. One: take two separate strands on opposing sides of the head, twist each one, and then reunite them at the back of the head. Two: place a slim headband on your head and then take strands of hair and roll and tuck them under and over it.

37. The Half-Up Bun Hairstyle

Yet another very pretty and also easy half-up hairstyle will have you making a bun at the back or on top of the head. It is up to you to decide where and how you make the bun as you can go for a messy bun or, in turn, make a twisted, braided, or flower-shaped one too! This is also one of the best blonde hairstyles for showing off those beautiful highlights and lowlights!

38. Emma Stone’s Blonde Hairstyles

As with ScarJo, many associate Emma Stone with red and copper locks. However, this funny and talented actress is actually a natural blonde. In this photo, admire how she sported her natural hair color and gave it a vintage Hollywood look by styling her locks in glam waves.

39. The Half-Up With Full Bangs Hairstyle

Here is another instance of a blonde Emma Stone and here, she is wearing full frontal bangs. These help complete the look as the upper portion of hair is styled in a half-up manner with the locks ending in a low, back of the head ponytail (but you can end them in whatever way you want).

40. The Messy Long Bob

The long bob or lob is easily one of the most versatile mid to longer hairstyles around. While it can be worn in a variety of updos or half-up styles, it will look just as good if left to fall free and beautiful. Also, as you can see in this photo, it looks very good even with messy hair.

41. The Layered and Side-Swept Hairstyle

We’ve already mentioned the power of layering and how useful this trimming technique is for volumizing and controlling those blonde locks. Here, admire how good those layers will look when swept to the side and over the shoulder for a simple and yet very striking look.

42. The Knotted Braid

We can’t help but think about Tangled when we see this beautiful long blonde hairstyle. Channel your inner Rapunzel and go for this knotted braid ponytail that beautiful mixes several techniques and styles. While the hair in this picture is significantly long, this hairstyle can be made on shorter hair too.

43. Beach Vibes Blonde Hairstyles

Beach vibes are definitely some of the simplest to get and also most beautiful blonde hairstyles. It will be significantly easier to get them if you’ve got wavy hair, but straight-haired gals can get them too. For example, consider braiding the hair, spraying it with some sea salt spray, and leaving it like this overnight to wake up to some pretty waves.

44. The Effortless Blonde Hairstyle With Middle Part

Alternatively, make the most of those straight locks or straighten them to perfection and leave them falling free. To really draw attention to both your hair color and highlights as well as your facial-features, consider going for a center part (but only if it fits your features).

45. The Elegant High Ponytail

There’s nothing quite as classy as a ponytail done right. Take a page out of this lady’s styling book and go for a high and sleek ponytail. The element that really takes this pony out of the ordinary is the large strand of hair that was swept to the side and over the hair tie to cover it up.

46. The Bubble Ponytail

We owe the rise in popularity of this fun hairstyle to festivals and, surprisingly as it might seem, it is also a very simple to make style. Tie your hair in a ponytail and then create “bubbles” by tying the hair in equal sections and teasing each one to give it volume and its globular aspect.

47. Blonde Hairstyles with Braided Pigtails

Another hairstyle that transitioned from music festivals to everyday streetwear is this half-braided, high-up pigtails look. To get it, section the hair on top of the head in two equal parts. Then, braid in section in part starting from the roots and down until chin or neck level. Tie up the braid and leave the rest falling free. Also, you can use any braiding technique to get these braided pigtails.

48. The Messy Bun Hairstyle

Possibly the simplest hairstyle and yet such a striking look, the messy bun has surpassed the level of indoors pajama day and gone on to become a very fashionable style. You can also take a look at online tutorials to learn how to make the perfect messy bun.

49. The Vikings-Inspired Braids

Channel that inner-Viking/boho girl by going for an intricately braided hairstyle such as this one. Notice how the smaller side braids converge to get lost in the big, central braid with just two of the smaller braids being left to fall down freely. Also, you can replicate or adapt this style by changing the braiding technique or the way the braids fall.

50. The Half-Up Ponytail with Bow Hair Accessory

When in doubt, add hair accessories! We’ll be ending our list of blonde hairstyles with a half-up ponytail look that is made all the more beautiful by the big satin bow used to cover the hair tie and base of the ponytail.


So there you have it, three lists of the prettiest blonde hairstyles divided according to the length of the hair and perfect for all styles and occasions. These hairstyles are both versatile and easy to make and can easily be adapted to be the perfect fit even at a special event. Which of these was your favorite?

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