51 Cute Short Bob Haircuts Ideas to Try in 2023

Short bob haircuts have been an elegant and daring hairstyle since the 1920’s. Nowadays many girls and ladies get bobs, but there is still room to be unique!

1. Side Part with Undercut Short Hairstyle

Let most of your hair fall to one side by parting your hair in line with the corner of your eye.

2. Exposed Roots

Create this carefree, “rules are meant to be broken” look by visibly exposing your roots.

3. Hidden Color

A hidden layer of purple under the dark top layer creates a futuristic look and reminds me of an android.

4. Wavy Short Bob Haircuts

Return to classic times with this vaguely wavy bob haircut. Wear it like this for day-to-day and pin it back for an elegance boost.

5. Straight Short Bob Haircuts

Go for another classic look, the straight simple bob. It looks timeless and youthful at the same time!

6. Messy Waves Short Bob Haircuts

A shorter cut bob with thick messy ginger hair create a stylish look!

7. Feathered Round Bob Haircuts

It’s rare to see a rounded bob without bags, but she is proof that it can look gorgeous!

8. Bob Haircuts with Bangs

This particular vaguely A-lined cut is designed to have the front hair fall in your face. Great to hide or to match your edgy look!

9. Classic Short Bob Haircuts

You can’t go wrong with a simple bob haircut. Choose the length right and it works for round and square faces alike!

10. Platinum Blonde Bob Haircuts

Add a touch of light with this platinum blonde hairstyle, cut in a simple line above the shoulders.

11. Choppy Short Bob Haircuts

Have a look at this messy layered hairstyle and pair it with a ragged outfit for a relaxed style!

12. Short Bob for Thin Hair

Bob cuts are fit for any type of hair, even thin hair! Just look at this lovely lady, for example

13. Shaggy Bob for Short Hair

Try these messy, shaggy, but very obvious layers, to highlight your natural volume!

14. Feathered Short Bob

Combine the feathered hair look with a short bob haircut for this relaxed do!

15. A-line Short Bob

Combine an A-line cut with waves and bangs for this layered, messy look!

16. Short Bob Cut For Thick Hair

A thick hair allows you to cut into it with these aggressive layers.

17. Happy Fluffy Hair

When you enjoy the volume your has, it too will look happy and fluffy. Just look at this all-around bubble of joy!

18. Rounded Waves

Try your hand at these rounded layers that continue the natural lines of your face.

19. Fall Colors Bob Hairstyles

Keep the colors of the fall with you a little longer with this golden-red hairstyle.

20. Vintage Inspired Bob Hairstyles

This hairstyle reminds of the beginnings of the bob becoming a popular style, which makes it great for vintage fans!

21. Two Colored Short Bob Haircuts

Is it red or is it black? The answer is yes. This hairdo is split into two for a touch of originality.

22. Steel Gray Hairstyles

The under-layers of black and the white top makes this gray haircut look like it was sculpted out of steel.

23. Celebrity Inspired Bob Cuts

This hairstyle was inspired by the unconventional styles actress Natalia Tena sported on multiple occasions.

24. Neatly Layered Short Bob Haircuts

Use these neat layers to create a put-together look.

25. Bubblegum Bob Hairstyles

Have a look at the mesmerizing effect the overlapping of rose gold, blue, and black creates.

26. Purple Short Bob Haircuts

Try a very purple hairstyle with swept bangs to match a light complexion.

27. Layered Hairstyles with Blue and Pink Hair Colors

And enjoy the blend of blue and pink this girl has going!

28. Fuchsia Short Bob Haircuts

Far from being a solid color, this hairstyle has color and depth at the same time!

29. Forest Green Bob Cuts

I always associate green hair with forest spirits and nature, so if you want to be seen as a Fae, try this short bob haircut!

30. Pink Gradient Layered Bob Hairstyles

With each layer getting progressively darker, this hair seems to have at least twice the volume it actually does!

31. Blue Short Bob Haircuts

Take a look at this marine and neon blue hairstyle combination and let it work its magic on you!

32. Bob Cuts with Goth Purple Shades

This bob captures the typical goth colors and works great with any black outfit you might want to wear.

33. Rainbow Short Bob Haircuts

While this is a very colorful hairstyle and captures all the colors that don’t quite make it on the rainbow!

34. Sharp Angles Bob Hairstyles

The sharpness of the hairstyle matches and compliments the sharpness of her features without making her seem aggressive at all!

35. Half Blonde and Half Colorful Bob

Half her hair is an unassuming white, while the other sports a blue to pink fade that crosses purple.

36. Anime Inspired Bob Cuts

This red and white split hair looks like it would fit just great on our anime-inspired hairstyles list!

37. Bubblegum Pink Hairstyles

The bob surrounds her face with a strongly contrasting curtain of pink hair and, frankly, it looks great!

38. Baby Bangs Short Hairstyles

Baby bangs are for everyone, regardless of age! They generally work with bob hairstyles and small foreheads.

39. Mushroom Short Bob Haircuts

This style is something I like to call the “mushroom hairstyle” because of its shape. All she needs now are some white freckles and a fairy.

40. Geometrical Short Bob Cut

The sharp cut in her bangs pairs wonderfully with the eccentric clothes fashion shows usually exhibit.

41. Side-parted Bang Hairstyles

Part your bangs to the side to create this soft, continuous wave around your face!

42. Long Curtain Bangs Bob Cuts

Allow your bangs to grow longer than your eyebrows and part them like a curtain to reveal your eyes!

43. Elegant Short Bob Haircuts

This hairstyle encompasses simplicity and elegance in one single move!

44. French Blonde Bob

This kind of haircut seems to have been designed to peek from under a beret!

45. Curly Bangs Short Bob Haircuts

Curl not only your hair but your bangs as well for a symmetric look!

46. Flat White Straight Bob

No, not the coffee, the hair. But this straight bob on white hair looks ready for business, as most of us do, after a cup of coffee!

47. Rolled Waves Bob Hairstyles

These waves allow the shape of the rollers (or hair curler) to be seen, a throwback to older times.

48. Lightly Highlighted Short Bob Haircuts

Try a vague highlight over a light color to create this pastel bob effect!

49. Out-turned Sides

The sides of her hair poking forward are incredibly captivating and they seem to match her bold personality.

50. Model Straight Bob Hairstyles

Another hair that looks ready to walk the catwalk, this time by being so simple that it matches everything!

51. Rosamund Pike Bob Haircut

Take a look at Rosamund Pike rocking one of the short bob haircuts we talked about at a movie premiere in Paris this year!

Final Thoughts

Have any of these short bob haircuts inspired you to chop off most of your hair? Which one would you get next time you get a haircut? Let me know in the comments section below!

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