51 Chic Asian Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women in 2023

Take a journey through the flavors of Asian hairstyles inspired by the most popular looks! Find choices for street-wear, Visual Key, K-pop, and traditional styles right here!

1. Signature Asian Wolf-cut

Always a really fun haircut to do because it fits differently to everyone! And there’s so much variation for this haircut.

2. Brown Hair with Silver Grey Ombre

Silver grey on natural brown hair create a fantastic look while it’s ombre a silver grey color contrasted by silver grey shades looks fresh and fashionable.

3. Innocent Asian Hairstyles

Go for a feathered bob look to emphasize the small face and innocent look! This is a classic look with a twist, so you can be unique and work-appropriate at the same time!

4. Ready for Work!

This half up half down hairstyle is popular with students and young women because it looks cute and it is also practical. it keeps your hair out of your face, but still on your shoulders and it creates a serious, put together look.

5. Ashy Blonde

Why not try a trendy ashy blonde look? It’s trendy, it’s simple and casual, and it looks great with both pastel and bright colors!

6. Asian Space Buns

Put your own twist on space buns and go wild! Anything goes as long as you think it looks good!

7. Sharp Face-framing Bangs Asian Hairstyles

This anime-like hairstyle works great with any face type and it frames the face in a cute, delicate way. It also makes your face look smaller and sharp at the same time.

8. White Highlights

This absolutely adorable hairstyle fits a Lolita look very well and it highlights the eyes. The colors shift and blend and will give you a unique look every single day!

9. Long and Messy

You can go for a longer hairstyle if you don’t want to go short. Feather it out and let it stay in a purposefully messy do!

10. Classical Asian Hairstyles

You can always go for a simple, classical look. An elegant bun like this fits any outfit and you can style long hair differently every day!

11. Short Bob

This simple take on a short bob is both elegant and perfect for day-to-day wear. Have a look at how it emphasizes the jawline and the ears!

12. Layered Asian Hairstyles

Layered looks are popular in Korea right now, and they work great with the face structure. Besides, layers add volume and shape to your hair, while still allowing you to style it in braids as well.

13. Shaped Long Bob with Blue Highlights

A long bob like this follows the shape of the face and neck, effectively framing and highlighting your look. The straight bangs draw attention to the eyes too, creating a striking appearance.

14. Pretty Pink

No Asian-inspired list would be complete without the staple K-Pop pink hair! You can have a go at it and see if the idol look is for you.

15. Long Flowing Locks

Thick hair can be a great advantage, so if you are the lucky owner of such a mane, don’t hesitate to let it flow freely!

16. Straight Bangs

Go for straight across bangs and long, straight haircut to emphasize Asian facial features. This style pairs well with naturally dark or black hair colors.

17. Colorful Asian Hairstyles

Koreans tend to go for any hair color imaginable so have a go at an unusual color with a classic cut!

18. Subtle Waves

Go for delicate, barely visible waves to add texture to a simple haircut! This cut is very versatile and it can be braided and turned into many different styles!

19. The Wet Look

A little on the edgy side, this look works great for a rebellious phase that you can remove in a heartbeat. Wear it like this for every day and fluff it up with a hairdryer when you need to look professional.

20. Massive Waves

Wide waves that start close to the scalp are a great way to add volume to straight, long hair! Try out this simple look and make it yours!

21. Princess Inspiration

This large buns hairstyle fits great with the Lolita aesthetic and the royal air it has will impress everyone in the room!

22. Dark Asian Hairstyles

A dark Lolita look pairs very well with a stereo-typically childish look like pigtails, in a ashy or unsaturated color, like this one.

23. Purple and Ashy Gray

Mix these colors with dark undertones to create a permanent style that you can use in both Lolita looks and in more formal dress.

24. Teal Asian Hairstyles

Korean styles are not the only ones with crazy colors! Have a look at this cute, youthful haircut dyed a pastel teal!

25. Round Bob

The classic bob that looks like a schoolgirl’s hairstyle can become a statement! You can make it into a statement and wear it as your style o choice!

26. Pastel Pink

This color was, at some point, everyone’s favorite color in preschool, and while it is childish, you can reclaim it and make it yours as an adult.

27. White with Cold Undertones

Blue undertones to an otherwise white hair color can look childish and cute, but also cold and firm, which is exactly what Lolita is about!

28. Purple Asian Hairstyles

Another deceivingly cute hairstyle is this light purple bob style with a touch of gray at the tips. Try it out and surprise everyone with your new look!

29. Soft Blue

This dreamy, soft blue hairstyle is a great choice for light skin and eyes and it creates an ethereal look! Try it out and live your best Fae life!

30. Dark Lolita

Bordering between goth and cute, this ashy green hair can be accessorized to match more than one aesthetic! It’s perfect for those who are still looking for a style or need to balance two opposites for work.

31. 1920’s Inspiration

This wavy style is still very popular and since we are in the 2000’s again, you can have a go and bring it into your life!

32. Space Buns Asian Hairstyles

This hairstyle is a classic by now, but you can still have some fun with it! It’s cute, cool, and it brings a flavor of fun to any look!

33. Traditional Vibe

Traditional looks are becoming more and more of a thing, especially in East Asia, so hop on the bandwagon and turn some heads!

34. Hoops Asian Hairstyles

Still of traditional inspiration, this complicated hairstyle is definitely something you can wear to a special occasion to show you’re proud of your heritage!

35. Everyday Cornrow Braids

Long, thick hair has been a symbol throughout history, even if its meanings have changed. Today, long hair is a choice, but you still need a hairstyle to keep it in place. Enter the braids!

36. Bubble Braid Pigtail

Why stick to the boring pigtails when you can make them extra? Add some complex-looking braids and twists to make this hairstyle that is bound to stand out!

37. Half Up Asian Hairstyles

This elegant, yet simple hairstyle works great for anyone with straight, long hair, and it can be paired both with traditional and modern outfits!

38. Messy Faded Waves

The faded red and the loose waves create a chill, relaxed look that is still put together enough for a work environment.

39. Braided Updo

When you have as much hair as most Asian women, you can afford to make this kind of complex hair sculpture for every semi-formal event! Your hairdresser will have fun creating it for you and you will look fabulous!

40. Curly Asian Hairstyles

Make a look your staple, with this pattern-shattering curly hairstyle! This will emphasize your facial features and make your face look smaller by comparison.

41. Red and Black

This sharp black hairstyle with red stripes puts you firmly in the alt scene, so have a go at it if that’s something you want to try!

42. Purple Terror

This hairstyle looks fit for the main character of an anime, but fear not! Be the main character of your own life and live your best purple life!

43. Under the Radar Asian Hairstyles

This style is all in the hairdo! The color itself seems quite tame and it is a great way to merge professional and alt life together!

44. Ash Brown Long Wavy Hair

The impressive feature of this ash brown application is it can make any fine hair look thick. Of course, with an added personal touch, this creamy grey highlights is on-point for .I’d give this a nickname of ‘ash brown Don’t forget to always go with what looked and feel.

45. Ashy Grey Asian Hairstyles

This style is great to hide prematurely graying hair and to make sure you stand out from any crowd!

46. Flames of Passion

This style combines visual key with the more westernized look of the 90s for a cool throwback style!

47. Two Colors

Double the fun by making this hairstyle in two colors! The spikes surely fit with alternate styles and with a non-conforming approach to life!

48. Cute White-Do

This white and pink style is almost too soft to be considered visual key, but it does have some spikes so it deserves a mention!

49. Cute Thin Braids

These braids make your face look cute and round, perfect for pictorials!

50. Green Reality Show Star

This hairstyle is most iconic in its blonde form when a popular late 2000’s reality TV star wore it. You can break away from the stereotypical mom look though, simply by dyeing it green!

51. Scary Cute

This simple long bob looks cute, but with a little adjustment, it can look right out of a scary movie! Perfect for a girl who wants to seem innocent but has a dark side to her!

Final Thoughts

We hope that you enjoyed the article and that you were able to find inspiration for your looks. Also, feel free to share with us which one of these Asian hairstyles struck your fancy? Which one will you try and why? Tell me all about it in the comments section below!

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