51 Beautiful Anime Inspired Hairstyles to Wear in 2022

With the boom of popularity, anime is going through, and with more and more anime available, Anime Inspired Hairstyles are growing more tempting. And more commonplace. Have a look at our picks for fresh, cool hairdos!

1. Sea-foam Green Hairstyle

There must be an anime character with this hair color, somewhere. Though this neon green to blue gradient is bright enough to make her one!

2. Choppy Purple Hairstyle

Visual kei and anime styles often blend together, as they do in her anime purple and choppy layered hairstyle.

3. Two-colored Anime Inspired Hairstyles

While not necessarily copying a character’s look, she makes this anime-style hair truly her own.

4. Lolita Hairstyle

Another blend of styles, Lolita girls appear in anime, and anime influences appear in Lolita fashion and her hair fits both just great!

5. The Anime Fan Haircut

Popularized in the 2000s with the emergence of the emo style in mainstream looks, this haircut dyed a bright color will give you an “I bet she watches anime” look.

6. Bright Pink Hairstyle

Anime girls rarely wear their hair loose, but this bright pink hairstyle is clearly inspired by the fuchsia hair some anime characters sport.

7. Pink Bangs Anime Inspired Hairstyles

This combination of colors is basically a guideline for what hair to pull in a ponytail and what to let loose for those face-framing bangs.

8. Electric Blue Hair Color

Spiky as it is, even without hairspray in it, this blue hairstyle was probably inspired by an anime boy, but who cares? She rocks it and it looks almost unreal!

9. Kurama Inspired Hairstyle

Technically another boy’s hairstyle, this haircut reminds me of Yu Yu Hakusho’s Kurama, while looking ready for a workday as well. Try this do for a subtle, but still anime inspired look!

10. Obligatory White-haired Character

Almost all recent anime feature a character with platinum white hair, so a white hairstyle couldn’t be missing from this list.

11. High School Uniform

Maybe more of a background, generic character, this hairstyle, especially with the big bow, is inspired by high school uniforms in anime.

12. Todoroki Inspired Hairstyle

Boku no hero academia (My hero academia) is one of the more popular animes out there, so white-and-red hair is a sought after, if daring, hairstyle. She is in cosplay, but the eye makeup is not mandatory.

13. Neon Green Anime Inspired Hairstyles

Another subtle way to geek out, this green hair color appears occasionally in anime and manga.

14. Just The Bangs

This hairstyle is a good example of less is more. She only has her bangs dyed, so it is less destructive on the hair, but the effect is the same.

15. She Manipulates Water

See someone looking like her on-screen, in an anime where characters have powers and you can be sure hers is water-related.

16. Elf Anime Inspired Hairstyles

She is living her best geek life, blending gray hair with makeup and props in just the right amounts.

17. Colorful Spikes Hairstyle

This girl has found the look that makes her happy. Here is what she has to say about it: “Finally feel like myself again, and have quite possibly found my forever hair…!?”

18. UWU Girl Hairstyle

She took the stereotypical cute anime girl look and made it hers. Why not do the same, wear it proudly and enjoy yourself!

19. Bright Anime Inspired Hairstyles

In a crowd of anime characters, you can always spot the main one(s) by their bright hair. This style will have the same effect in a real-life crowd!

20. Three-layered Anime Inspired Hairstyles

This hairstyle might look a bit odd and it might land you a side-glance, it is clearly a statement for geek life.

21. Villain Inspired Hairstyle

This dark hairstyle with one bright streak is the stereotypical “high school bad guy” look in anime, in real life it’s a great hairdo!

22. Ice Queen Inspired Hairstyle

The blue-gray highlights remind me of a character who can manipulate ice and snow while flying under the radar for the most part.

23. Black and Red Anime Inspired Hairstyles

This two-colored look is a great option for girls with thick hair because each half is thick enough to look well put together. And you can have that edgy, demonic character look and rock it!

24. A-line Bob Haircut

While an A-line bob is not a stereotypical anime look, any hairstyle this angled is at least inspired by the sharp lines in anime.

25. The Anime Half-Buns

This style is inspired by the many anime girls that sport this exact look, and it looks as cute in real life as it does in a drawing.

26. The Ultimate Face-framing Bangs

It takes courage to cut off all your hair except for the face-framing strands, but she is dedicated to her aesthetic!

27. Pixie Cut Anime Inspired Hairstyles

Though anime girls rarely have a pixie cut, the colors, the angles and the overall sharpness of it makes it a clear reference.

28. Half Buns Anime Inspired Hairstyles for Multicolored Hair

Here is a variation on the two half buns anime inspired hairstyles mentioned earlier. She doesn’t have bangs and her face-framing strands are thinner.

29. From Cosplayers

She uses this exact hairstyle for cosplay and captures the shining effect anime hair often has with the white highlights.

30. Braided Anime Inspired Hairstyles

Anime girls have their hair loose, in buns, pigtails, or ponytails, rarely in French braids. But when they do, it’s in a loose, over-the-shoulder braid like this one.

31. As Spiky As It Goes

Clever cuts and ruffles can only go so far, and if you have thin hair it’s not the best idea to cover it in hairspray every day. So this anime inspired hairstyle that makes the hair stand vaguely spiky at all times is a great choice!

32. Wavy face-framing A-line Bob Haircuts

An even sharper A-line, if that is possible, this face-framing style is softened by the waves.

33. Full Double Buns

Two strands of hair framing the face and two high buns seems to be the go-to anime hairstyles recently.

34. Yin and Yang Anime Inspired Hairstyles

You can only find this violent contrast in anime hair. The addition of a white strand on the black half and vice-versa is a nice bonus.

35. Two Layers Anime Inspired Hairstyles

Layers don’t have to be blended. Anime hair is by definition rule-defiant, and these two completely separate layers certainly do that.

36. Red Sharp Cut Hairstyle

This anime inspired hairstyle is somewhere at the border between anime and visual kei, in that gray area mentioned before. But it looks great no matter where it is.

37. Right Off The Pages

This hair is almost unbelievable. It’s so perfect it looks drawn on, not a natural haircut, and yet it is.

38. Fanned Anime Inspired Hairstyles

Blend fall colors with this typical anime hairstyle and get the best of both worlds!

39. The Antihero

She looks like the morally gray character who eventually does the right thing, then leaves to brood a little.

40. The Recurring Character

Her simple Pink Hairstyle is inspired by the significant, but not permanent characters in many 90s anime.

41. Sakura Pink Hairstyle

Both the hair color and the hairstyle can be inspired by Naruto’s Sakura or by the many other characters with cherry blossom pink hair.

42. Neon Pink Anime Inspired Hairstyles

If there is one thing anime have an abundance of, that’s pink-haired girls. Any shade and any style you want to get, it was probably done in an anime too.

43. Cotton Candy Anime Inspired Hairstyles

The pink and blue highlights on gray hair are a staple hairdo for cute anime girls, though it’s usually longer.

44. Mysterious Anime Inspired Hairstyles

This hairstyle, with the long bangs to hide behind, will make you look like you are the mysterious character, who offers good, but convoluted advice, only to retreat in silence immediately after.

45. The Rival Inspired Hairstyle

Rivalry is the center of most anime and while some revolve around supernatural threats, many have petty school squabbles. This hairstyle reminds me of the schoolyard rival who ends up helping the main character by the series finale.

46. Bright Yellow Anime Inspired Hairstyles

Although rare, anime girls sometimes have bright yellow hair, so why not go for this happy look?

47. Feathered Fuchsia Hair Color

Maybe just the color or just the hairstyle wouldn’t scream anime fan, but the combination definitely does!

48. Impossible Waves Anime Inspired Hairstyles

I did a double-take at this hairstyle and I was convinced that it was a wig. The most surprising part? It’s 100% real hair, with clever shading and styling.

49. Forest Spirit Inspired Hairstyle

This anime inspired hairstyle reminds me of a cheeky, prank-prone, but ultimately good-natured forest spirit.

50. Neon Purple-Blue Hairstyle

Another almost-incredible feat of color, this is the exact shade of hair so many anime main characters have.

51. Animated Hair

When I first saw this hairstyle, I almost passed it as fanart. But no, this is fully natural hair, dyed to look like a drawing!

Final Thoughts

I can’t wait to see and hear about your experiences with anime inspired hairstyles! What character’s hair would you have liked to see on this list? The comments section is open for you to share your thoughts!

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