51 Popular Fall Hair Colors for 2023

Fall changes the colors of everything. Leaves, the sky, the sun, your hair… Wait, that’s for you to change. So why not try a new hairstyle from this list of fall hair colors that match and rival nature?

1. Dark Phoenix Fall Hair Colors

Gather a bouquet of colors with this gradient that goes from a dark red to a light yellow and even white.

2. Frosty Red Fall Hair Colors

This gradient combines frozen red and rose gold hair colors.

3. Red all the Way Down

Or stick with a single color gradient and have it change tones instead of hues.

4. Rose-Gold Fall Hair Colors

Inspired by late-blooming roses and autumn flowers, this style will reveal its true colors in sunlight.

5. Red Ivy

Ivy leaves turn bright red in fall. Turn your hair ivy red and blend in with the world!

6. Perfect Blend of Dark and Fire

This trendy Fall hair colors looks amazing with shades! This is definitely a fave of mine this Fall!

7. From Dark to Bright Orange Gradient

This is a more faded version of the gradient that is so popular this fall.

8. Fruity Touch

There is no purple in leaves but the addition sends to a bowl of fruit and leaves.

9. Indescribable Fall Hair Colors

There is no name for this color. It’s not really red, but it’s not yellow or orange either. Simply autumn leaves.

10. Dried Out Fall Hair Color

Stretching into browns as well, this color is closer to dried leaves. It brings a feeling of nostalgia typical for fall, so look and remember.

11. Fresh Autumn Leaves Hairstyle

This hairstyle, on the contrary, reminds us of early fall when not all leaves are dried yet because it includes greens as well.

12. Fall Hair Colors for Short Hair

Short hair doesn’t keep you from going nuts this fall and getting multiple colors. Just layer them vertically!

13. Bright Red Gradient Waves

A popular style for fall hair colors in 2020 is waves. Pair it up with any color palette!

14. Fire Braid

Fall is also a great time for campfires and roasting apples. Capture the flames in this orange-and-red braid!

15. Burnt Orange

This color scheme is designed to remind you of a burnt orange sky and fascinate those who see it.

16. Brush Strokes

The match is uncanny. It feels like the same brush used to paint the leaves painted her hair as well.

17. Bright Yellow Fall Hair Colors

Surprisingly, fall leaves are also bright yellow, so if you want an excuse to use this canary yellow, now it’s the moment!

18. Curly Shag Fall Hair Colors

Blend the classical autumn palette and go for a gradient instead of a solid color.

19. Feathered Bob Fall Hair Colors

No rule says who should wear bright hair colors, so go all out and ignore the haters!

20. Earthy Fall Ombre Hair Colors

Another popular hair color in 2020 is a brown-to-blonde ombre gradient. Take a look at this one and try!

21. Brown Hair Degrade Hairstyle

The same gradient can be styled to look smooth, put together, and ready for an official meeting.

22. Bright Highlights for Brown Hair

Or choose these messy waves for a relaxed fall festival look!

23. Frosty Strand for Brown Hair

This hairstyle reminds me of the first frost of the year, the one you can only see in the shadowy spots.

24. Bare Trees

This is the color of branches in the sun after all the leaves have fallen to the ground.

25. Cold Clouds

You know these clouds bring cold but dry days. Color your hair in this shade and hope the weather gets the hint.

26. Covered in Leaves

Capture the color of the ground covered in leaves and turn it into your next hair color!

27. Dark Fall Hair Colors

If you don’t want to bleach your hair, go for dark red highlights that will add that warm earthy feel to your hair color without damaging it.

28. Natural Hair Colors for the Fall

Sometimes a deep condition and treatment is all you need to make your hair fall-ready.

29. Properly Frozen Hairstyle

Late fall will greet you with this kind of view outside your window. Match it with this style or with one of these gray hairstyles!

30. Blonde Fall Hair Colors

Not all hairdos for fall need that much work. Sometimes highlighting your natural color is enough and you are ready!

31. Red Highlights for Fall Hair Color Ideas

With this red-tipped hairdo, you look ready for apple picking! Check out other ideas for dark hair here!

32. Copper Fall Hair Colors

Rock natural copper hair or highlight blonde or light hair to match the fall trends!

33. Midday Sun

This golden hue is the same shade as the midday sun in early October. Wear it proudly to inspire the sun to shine!

34. Sunlit Leaves Fall Hair Colors

Embrace the nostalgia of fallen leaves and keep them with you always in your hair.

35. Gold with Orange Highlights

Instead of fading your brown into a cold blonde, make it slide into a warm gold much more fit for fall.

36. Gingery Red Coppery Tones

Her hair resembles the setting sun sending its rays across the sky.

37. Trendy Fall Hair Colors

A new hair color trend looks like is emerging, with gold and copper hair colors becoming more popular. Why not join?

38. Highlighted Fall Hair Color

Achieve this unique hairstyle by layering red, purple, and blonde highlights on a copper base.

39. Vintage Autumn Hair Colors

Simple, golden curls match the leaves and the sunny outdoors in this vintage-inspired hairstyle.

40. Rose-Gold Fall Phoenix Hair Colors

Another layered highlights hairstyle, this time on a pink base. Have a look at other ways to style pink hair as well!

41. The Red Clouds of The Fall

A lot of fall hair colors for brunettes need specific autumn sunlight to reveal the intended color. This one is such a case. Try it and you’ll be convinced!

42. Fall Hair Color with Babylights

After rain comes rainbow. Or a washed-out purple sunset, captured here in this hairstyle.

43. Protective Curls Fall Hair Colors

Dark clouds meet the setting sun to create the reddish hues that she wears. Try henna and other natural colors for this look. Take care of your hair with these protective hairstyles!

44. Purple Fall Hair Colors

Recreate the layers of clouds in an angry sunset with this highlighted hairstyle.

45. Deep Purple Hair Gradient

Purples are great fall hair colors for brunettes because they need no bleaching beforehand. Just look at this do!

46. Dark Red Fall Hair Colors

Red works just as well and it looks great on short hairstyles too! Check out other ideas for hair colors for short hair!

47. Blonde Ombre Fall Hair Colors

Blonde Ombre is always great to fall hair color, even if you got it in summer. Accessorize and you’re ready to go!

48. All-natural with Fall Ends

Sometimes it takes a natural hair color and a special hairstyle to be ready for fall. Check out our hairstyles for thick hair for more inspiration!

49. Long Baby Braid Fall Hair Colors

Use flower pins as accessories for your hair for an instant highlight and a quick and easy fall do!

50. Two Colors for Fall Hair Color Ideas

Split your hair down the middle with this Halloween-ready look!

51. Clear Blue Sky for Fall Hair Colors

Fall is not just warm colors or ice-cold grays. Sometimes the sky is the bluest blue. Turn it into your hairstyle and check out these other blue ideas for your hair!

Final Thoughts

Have you found your favorite fall hair colors? Will you try them on your hair or turn them into art? Let me know in the comment section below!

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