51 Flattering Hairstyles For Thick Hair to Try in 2023

Snap! That was your last hair tie. It’s time to get the pencils out.
If that sounds painfully familiar, then you are the lucky owner of a thick mane of hair. Here are over 51 hairstyles for thick hair, meant just for you!

1. Loose French Braids Bun

You can get this look with two loose French braids with loose and messy bun.

2. Simple Braid for Long Thick Hair

And it will look just as classy, I guarantee it. Sometimes simplicity is better because it puts your hair in the spotlight.

3. Protective Box Braids for Long Thick Hair

If you have natural hair you can take a look at these protective hairstyles for ideas on hairstyles for thick coarse hair.

4. Wavy Hairstyles for Thick Hair

And wear the easiest of hairstyles for thick hair: windswept locks.

5. Thick Dutch Braid

As impressive as it looks, it is simply a Dutch braid done on a very long, very thick mane of hair.

6. Side-swept Dutch Braid

This side-swept Dutch braid rests almost gently on her shoulder and gives her a timeless elegance.

7. Thick Dutch Braid Hairstyles for Long Thick Hair

While this attempt at recreating an iconic hairstyle went above and beyond the original.

8. Faux Dutch Braid

No problem! Try this faux braid instead.

9. Mixed Braids Hairstyles for Thick Hair

This complicated hairstyle is definitely only for thick hair. I counted six twisted braids and a four-strand one, strong to the tips. I half expect her to leave flowers in her wake.

10. Waterfall Hairstyle for Thick Hair

You can do it as shown in the image, French braid it or do a faux waterfall but there is no doubt it looks elegant no matter what.

11. Long Braid for Wavy Hair

This hairstyle for thick wavy hair reminds me of the elegant braids violin players sport and it works great to keep curls out of the way.

12. Over the Shoulder Classic Braid

While on the topic of music, take a look at this over-the-shoulder variation of the classical braid.

13. Beaded Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Accessories serve to show just how thick your hair is by giving scale to your do. And they add a bonus sparkle and flair!

14. Half-up Bun Braid for Thick Hair

This half-up bun is simple yet effective and looks ready to head out to prom.

15. Mermaid Braids for Thick Hair

It might be a little strange to wear at first, but this mermaid braids seems to never end.

16. Pigtail Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair

Don’t sacrifice your pretty braids for the sake of time! Instead, opt for a half-done style like this one.

17. Faux Blue Pigtail Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Using the same technique from above, split your hair in two for a double faux Dutch look. If you liked this hairstyle check our list of blue hairstyles.

18. Hairstyles for Thick Coarse Hair

Coarse hair rarely does as it’s told and tends to stay the way it chooses. Trick it into shape by opting for a Half-updo and pretend the flying strands were intentional, for a “messy” look.

19. Stylish Back to School Hairstyle

This style is great to do on someone else for an impressive first day of school look. Or for picture day. Or for Friday.

20. Combine Braiding Styles

This half braided, half fishtail do remind me of a princess.

21. The Hair Crown Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Have a go at this loose halo crown, accessorize it with some flowers and it’s ready for any formal event all summer long. Or use holly for a winter do!

22. Fairy Cosplay Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Take a shot at these intricate braids and tell me, do they not remind you of elves?

23. Elven Styled Hairstyles for Thick Hair

This is pro-level braiding, especially as a hairstyle for thick wavy hair. I admit I am impressed.

24. Elven School Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Because this hairstyle looks out of a fantastical world.

25. Back French Braid Messy Bun

You know that if you have thick, long hair, buns are your friends. Spice them up with one of these simple design!

26. Wavy Bob Cut

It might not seem so, but this style is actually easier to keep than a straight bob because any imperfection can be hidden in a curl.

27. Wavy Pixie Haircut for Thick Hair

It starts close to the skin in the back and finishes with a vague curl on the bangs. The trick is texture.

28. Side Waves Hairstyles for Thick Hair

The combination of the blond streaks and the loose waves makes this a relaxed yet elegant medium length hairstyle for thick hair.

29. Peekaboo Thick Hairstyle

The hidden undercut makes this style a very versatile one. Cover it for a professional look and reveal it for a night out!

30. Natural Curly Bob Hairstyles

This is a great hairstyle for thick coarse hair because you just keep the length and pretend any way it falls is the intended one. It will never look the same twice, but very few will tell the difference.

31. Wavy Bob Thick Hairstyles

Add just a few curls over a bob for a put together “I style my hair every morning” appearance.

32. Silver Glam Hairstyle

Maybe this bob will convince you to let your grey out and try any of these hairstyles for thick hair on yourself.

33. The Classic Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Classic is beautiful always, that’s why it’s called classic. Try it in the bob version or the medium length hairstyle for thick hair, the lob.

34. Thick Straight Pixie Haircut

All it takes is faith, trust, and a nice pixie short hairstyle for thick hair.

35. Neon Orange Bob Hairstyle

Add color to your bob for an eye-catching look.

36. Ping Bob Hairstyle

Colors and layers are your friends in this do. And if you crave more pink, I have an entire selection to offer you!

37. Purple and Pink Layered Shades

You don’t have to dye your whole hair, a few streaks are enough and they create this incredible effect.

38. Short Back Long Front Bob Hairstyle

Try a short in the back long in front bob in this A-line design medium length hairstyles for thick hair.

39. Loop Sided Bob Haircut

This lop-sided bob is both short and long at the same time.

40. Punk Hairstyle for Thick Hair

These hairstyles for thick hair are impressive, to say the least. Check this out for more undercut ideas to match your edgy soul!

41. Curly Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

Try this puffy variant of the curls-to nothing fade for a modern look!

42. Braided Ponytail for Thick Hair

This tightly tied high ponytail is impressive, but more impressive is the bulge ponytail braids. That’s more than enough for a showy braid!

43. Undercut Hairstyles with Long Top for Thick Hair

This time with a spot of color added and a swept look that makes it seem like she just ran her hand through her hair.

44. Side Razor Cut Design for Long Hair

Undercuts can be patterned, like this gorgeous four-leaves design she has!

45. Bright Neon Orange Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Half her head is shaved and yet there is enough room in this medium length hairstyle for layers of color to create this lively effect.

46. Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair

I don’t know, but her hair goes from a long bob to half-way down her back without losing any thickness.

47. Blue-Black Waves

Even if the top of the head seems ordinary, you can see how thick her hair is at the tips, where it splits in countless waves. For more ideas on blue looks, check out this list of blue hairstyles!

48. Short Layers Hairstyles for Thick Hair

This might be one of the more mature hairstyles for medium length thick hair, but if done right and on the correct material, it can be classy and elegant.

49. Three-layered Bob

The shorter layers on her temples and the “overgrown” bangs frame her face elegantly. Try this do for a classy, red carpet-worthy look!

50. Messy Curly Bob

This is a relaxed hairstyle for thick hair that looks great with minimal styling. Just get up and go!

51. Side Fade and Flowing Mane with a Dutch Braid

Gloria here has an undercut, a small Dutch braid, and a flowing mane, all in one. Now that is what I call thick hair and you can trust me – I made this hairstyle.

Final thoughts

Were these ideas useful? Do you now have more hairstyles for thick hair in mind? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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