51 Most Popular Hair Color Ideas For Hazel Eyes in 2023

The best hair color for hazel eyes is usually your natural one, but you can have a look at these suggestions and change it. Have fun and express yourself the way you want!

1. Reddish Brown

A reddish brown shade of hair like this will bring out the brown in your eyes and emphasize it, making your eyes seem shades of gold and caramel!

2. Pure Ginger

The combination is truly striking! Pure, traditional red hair and hazel eyes is a look you can expect a Fae to have when trying to blend in with the humans.

3. Side Shaved Red

If you find a color too plain and ordinary for you, you can always try shaved hair! Have fun with the patterns and with how much you take off on each side!

4. Copper Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

Copper hair has the mesmerizing property of changing colors with the light, just like your eyes!

5. Faded Caramel

Somehow this shade of red hair will bring out the green in your eyes and create this magical combination that bores into people’s souls!

6. Auburn Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

You can get this color to match your eyes even if your natural hair is somewhere in the brown spectrum!

7. Natural Ruby

Not only does this hair color bring out your eyes and skin, but it also makes a great candidate for a fall colors palette!

8. Short Light Copper

Match the shade of your eyes exactly with this light copper shade of hair. The effect is a calming and steady look you will appreciate!

9. Brown Undertones Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

Avoid bleaching thin hair like this one, but you can still dye it on top of your natural color to get this brown undertones!

10. Gradient Orange

Play with colors and create these cool gradients with lighter and darker tones that mirror the shades of your eyes!

11. Red Dip Dye Undercuts

Dare get undercuts and dye the rest of the hair a bright red with copper undertones to create this rebel look!

12. Plum Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

A darker shade of red is also a great choice! Just take a look at this dark red to plum color and how it matches her skin tone and eyes!

13. Bright Orange

Go for an obnoxiously unnatural hair color like this one! The orange brings out the blue in her eyes and the contrast is striking!

14. Ashy Red

Just a shade of red faded to almost gray can be a cool, original combination. It will make your eyes stand out as bright and lively!

15. Purple Tips

Dark hair also brings out the light colors of your eyes, especially when the hair contains a shade of purple!

16. Assorted Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

Or you can have a combination of greens and blues to match your eyes instead of contrasting them.

17. A Touch of Green

Even a small section of green will reflect in your eyes and bring out that shade in them!

18. Bright Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

You can go all out with colorful hair and get a bright purple to do! Look how well it watches her eyes, making them look almost gray!

19. Purple and Teal

Throw rules and conventions out the window and get the neon hairstyle of your dreams!

20. Faded Purple

This combination of hazel eyes and faded purple hair creates the illusion that your hair is naturally purple!

21. Sea Blue Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

Contrast warm hazel eyes with a cold, sea-blue hair color! Or have a look at more shades of blue and pick your favorite!

22. Blue to Pink Gradient

When you have the hair that you want and that reflects how you feel inside, it will also match your eyes because they say the same thing!

23. Horizontal Gradient

Repeat the gradient above, except horizontally this time! Have fun with the colors!

24. Emerald Green Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

Another situation of perfect match between eyes and hair color, except this time you can do it in shades of green!

25. Colorful Protective Hairstyles

You can have colorful protective hairstyles that match your eye color perfectly, like this example!

26. Half Black’n Half Blue

This combination works better for darker hazel eyes, and it will deepen the color even more, closer to the color of tea!

27. Mermaid Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

Go all out and get this neon teal hair color! It will look great with your eyes and skin tone if you have hazel eyes!

28. Cool Brown

Go for a colder shade of brown to match a warm, yellowish eye color!

29. Ashy Brunette

Or an ashy brown that fades to compliment the exact shade of your eyes!

30. Brown-Black Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

A light-dark contrast is playing on your face and hair and you can always create a cool story around that!

31. Highlighted Brown

Play with your thick hair and highlight some patches of it to ease the contrast between it and your eyes.

32. Kinky Curls with Brown Dip Dye

Combine brown with curly hair. You can start growing out your natural hair or just get it dip-dyed!

33. Dark Chocolate

On the topic of contrast, look at the striking difference between this dark hair and very light eyes!

34. Light Brown Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

For once, your hair can be lighter than your eyes with this light brown, borderline blonde hair.

35. Coffee Color

Combine a darker hair color with a shag haircut for that emo look that is making a strong comeback.

36. Hidden Red

We covered red hair as a pair for hazel eyes, but what about a secret layer of red?

37. Toffee Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

This caramel toffee hair color is a great option to get to match your eyes!

38. Dark Golden Brown

Or you can stick to a darker shade, like this golden-brown hair that matches her eyes perfectly!

39. Dark to Light Gradient Blonde

If you are growing out formerly bleached hair, you can just let your hair create this natural gradient.

40. Salt’n Pepper

I included gray here because it matches cool eyes and skin and because on the whiter end of the spectrum it’s very close to blonde.

41. Growing Gray Hair

Planning on growing out gray hair? Well this is a great opportunity for you to do that without worry. It will match your eyes just great!

42. Speckled Black

Speckle your hair with colors of your choice, purple and white in this case. We covered how they both match your eyes!

43. Caramel Ombre

You can get an ombre dye job to compliment caramel colored hazel eyes!

44. Platinum Blonde

The dream combination of platinum blonde hair and almost blue but not really eyes!

45. Light Blonde Highlights

Go for a light, uplifting hair color to lift your spirits and the spirits of those around you!

46. Bleached Blonde Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

This might be a classic hair color that you’ve seen many times, but it takes a cool eye color to make it really match you.

47. Champagne Blonde

Get a little pink and a little yellow in your hair to create a champagne shade that goes great with your eyes!

48. Honey Blonde

This sun-kissed shade of hair is a perfect match for an outdoorsy, active person!

49. Natural Color

Nothing replaces the natural color of your hair no matter how much you try. So stick with it and let nature work its wonders!

50. Ashy Blonde

Yet another case of matching your eyes with your hair color. This time, the closest shade is this ashy blonde.

51. Natural Hair Colors

Actress and model Eva Marcille has hazel eyes and she sticks with her natural brown hair color! Take a look!

Final Thoughts

There are as many ideas for hair color for hazel eyes as there are shades of eyes! Find the one for you and let us know which one on this list is your all-time favorite! We can’t wait to see what you think in the comments section!

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