51 Youthful Hairstyles for Growing Out Gray Hair in 2023

Embrace the natural color of your hair and your genetics and forget your worries about gray hair. Take a look at these ladies and let yourself be tempted to start growing out your gray hair!

1. A White Streak

Often a single area of your hair will gray out first, followed by the rest. Don’t stress and wear it like a trendy accessory!

2. White Snow Hair

Here is the finished product, after the graying process is finished. Looking good!

3. Short Natural Gray Hairstyle for Curly Hair

A buzz cut or a short, close-to-the-head haircut are great ways to start fresh and grow out fully gray hair!

4. Natural Ashy Gray Hair

There are so many women who strive for this color and try to get it with dyes and expensive trips to the salon. You have it naturally, so rock it!

5. Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Growing out Gray Hair

Style gray and graying hair in a loose, long, and fluffy pixie cut to create a mystical aura around you.

6. Short Pixie for Women with Natural Gray Hair

Or try a short gray pixie cut, modern and city-ready!

7. White Halo

This is a happy accident, that her hair started graying around the forehead, but if yours grows the same, here is a great style for you!

8. Pixie Haircut with Bangs for Growing Out Gray Hair

If you are starting to go gray, and don’t have the patience to wait until your hair naturally whites out, you can always dye it a platinum blonde!

9. Vertical Spirit

No matter how old you are, if you want a long-topped fade, get your dream haircut and show the world the real you!

10. Growing Out Gray Hair with Fades

Join the ranks of rebels with this naturally gray shaved hairstyle!

11. Fate Haircuts for Natural Gray Hair

Natural hair needs protection, especially from bleach or dye. Go gray and your hair will thank you!

12. Petrol Waves

Oil out your graying hair and pin a few strands back to get this petrol gray hair color.

13. Spiky Hair for Gray Hair

Many women choose to get rebellious or unconventional haircuts after going gray. Maybe it’s when they realize that it doesn’t matter what people think.

14. Wavy Long Hairstyle for Growing Out Gray Hair

She is young, her hair is wild and she is free of dye and chemicals. Now doesn’t she look happy?

15. Natural Gray Hair Strands

Would you believe this lady isn’t even a professional model? She just looks naturally gorgeous, as if she just stepped out of a painting.

16. Feathered Hairstyles for Natural Gray Hair

The salt ‘n pepper look matches great with feathered hair and it gives her a soft, welcoming look.

17. Curls for Gray Hair

Why struggle with products and dyes when you can look gorgeous with your natural curls and growing out gray hair?

18. Black Hair with Growing Out Gray Hair Roots

Every journey begins with a single step. Growing roots is her step, and you can make it too!

19. Gray Bangs for Women with Blonde Hair

Can you tell she is growing out her gray hair? To most, it will just look like she is trying on a new shade of blonde!

20. Flowing Hairstyle for Women with Natural Gray Hair

Let your thick, healthy locks flow! Loose hair isn’t just for young girls anymore!

21. Fashion Show Long Hairstyle for Growing Out Gray Hair

This lady is stylish enough to walk the catwalk and her hair only makes her even more outstanding!

22. From Blonde to Gray Degrade

Sometimes seeing where you started can be great motivation. Look at that growth and progress!

23. Half Gray Half Brown

While in her hair you can pinpoint the moment she decided to go gray.

24. Brown Long Hairstyle for Growing Out Gray Hair

She is not a professional model either, but she very well could be, and she proudly shows her hair!

25. Thick and Healthy Natural Gray Hair Hairstyles

Thick hair can go gray naturally, even at a young age. Take her example, pick health over color, and embrace your hair!

26. Natural Gray Bun Hairstyles

you can use any hairstyle on gray hair, including a messy bun. Rules are meant to be bent after all!

27. Growing Out Natural Gray Hair

Many women who have natural hair choose to let it gray out once it starts because dyeing does more harm than good.

28. Gray Roots for Blonde Hair

Often the first place to grow gray hairs is the forehead, as you can see. And with a little attention, it can frame your face quite lovely!

29. Salt’n Pepper Grown Out Hair

The classic “I’m growing out my gray hair” look will always look great!

30. Fully Grown Gray Hair

This is the result of a few years of patience and it looks incredible! I could never picture her with another hair color!

31. Braids for Growing Out Gray Hair

No one says that gray hair should be hidden! Show it proudly and braid it for the world to see!

32. Puffy Curls for Growing out Gray Hair

All-natural curly hair, all-natural gray hair! The perfect combination.

33. Dreamy Silver Gray

Somehow she has texture and depth to her hair and I “blame” the natural process of graying.

34. Silver Gray Hairstyles

And no restriction on when you are “allowed” to wear gray hair. Besides, white hair is in trend!

35. Nature Inspired Grown Out Gray Hair

Be strong and become one with yourself and nature. And if that means growing out your gray hair, then so be it!

36. Magic Trick French Braid

It looks like the faux French braid she has is applied on top of her hair, but it’s just the process of growing out gray hair paired with braiding skills.

37. Uneven Distribution

Allow your genetics to play with patterns in your hair and form patches of white! You’ll have a unique look.

38. Growing Out Gray Hair with Pigtails Hairstyle

Combine your gray hair with any hairdo you feel works for you! In her case, pigtails.

39. Bright as Snow

It looks like snow came early and frost got stuck in her hair. But she looks happy and that’s all that matters!

40. Growing Out Gray Hair Roots

You can barely see the beginnings of a graying head, but you can also see a brave woman who decided that gray is beautiful!

41. Celebrity Hairdo

Celebrities over the age of 50 have sported this hairstyle and you can feel red-carpet ready with it as well!

42. Growing Out Afro Gray Hair

The afro hairstyle works for anyone with the right type of hair, but this lady wins it!

43. Blue with Gray

To start with such colorful hair and go naturally gray is a bold step, but never the wrong one.

44. Gray Natural Roots with Black Ends

The progress she made is incredible and she looks great for it!

45. More Salt Than Pepper

And the combination suits her face very well!

46. Cute Little Braid

Braid your bangs out of your face. And don’t be shy to try any hairstyle you see and like!

47. Natural Wavy Gray Hairstyles

Forget your worries, come on get gray!

48. Gray Hair with Purple Top Hair Color

You can barely tell this gradient is natural and not salon-made!

49. Natural Gray Bob Haircut

This sweet lady sports a great combination of graying hair and a round bob, making her a figure to remember!

50. Natural Gray Hairstyle

She succeeds in creating a shiny, anime-inspired hairstyle with nothing but her natural hair color. Maybe this is how the girls’ hair is meant to look?

51. The Queen

She was featured on our list of simply gray hairstyles, but she OWNS gray hair so I had to include her here as well.

Final Thoughts

So, did I convince you to start growing out your gray hair? Or did one of the ladies on this list manage that? Let me know why you would and why you wouldn’t go gray in the comments section below!

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