50 Elegant Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

Discover all the best, most gorgeous hair color ideas for brunettes ranging from subtle looks with dark-colored highlights to combinations with bold and unconventional colors such as green and purple, all below!

1. Brunette with Dark Blue Undertones

2. Brunette with Soft and Subtle Brown Highlights

3. Brunette with Caramel Highlights

4. Shiny Dark Brunette Hair

5. Toasted Caramel Brunette Hair

6. Brunette with Reverse Balayage

7. Brunette with Light Brown Balayage

8. Brunette with Strawberry Blonde

9. Brunette with Brown to Purple Balayage

10. Brunette Balayage Highlights

11. Brunette with Magenta Highlights

12. Brunette with Light Blonde

13. Brunette with Cream Highlights

14. Mushroom Brown Brunette

15. Brunette with Root Melt Espresso

16. Brunette with Milk Chocolate Espresso

17. Brunette with Copper Brown Undertones

18. Brunette with Mocha Balayage

19. Brunette with Purple Under-color

20. Brunette with Chocolate Brown Ombre

21. Dark Mocha Brunette

22. Brunette with Ash Beige

23. Brunette with Pink Highlights and Light Brown Undertones

24. Brunette with Soft Babylights and Root Melt

25. Brunette with Copper Brown Hair and Pink Under-color

26. Cocoa Hair Color Ideas

We’ll start off this list of hair color ideas for brunettes with a dark-colored but warm look. One of the simplest ways to sweeten up significantly dark hair is by adding cocoa highlights. Depending on the desired effect, you can ask for a subtle placement or chunkier strands of highlights.

27. Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes with Ashy Highlights

Another way to significantly lighten up your hair – and in a more obvious way – is to go for some ash-colored highlights. This, for example, is an ashy dark rose blonde highlights idea – place them over the upper layers of hair and leave the underlayers in their natural color.

28. Dark and Light Caramel Highlights

Make brown hair look like molten chocolate by strategically placing dark and light chocolate highlights in it. If you look closely, you will also notice the almost red undertones of some of the strands. To really bring out the caramel highlights, consider curling the locks to create loose waves.

29. The Dark to Light Balayage Look

Balayage is the perfect dyeing technique if you are looking to get a soft and natural gradient. For example, see how the hair color in this picture transitions from a dark brown at the roots and on top of the head to caramel at mid-back level before ending in warm blonde at the tips.

30. Honey Brown Hair Color

There is honey blonde hair and then there’s honey brown hair, as you can admire in this picture. This warm shade of brunette will look outstanding both as a solid color spread all over the head and as highlights or lowlights used to accentuate specific portions of the head.

31. Golden Bronze Hair

Jennifer Lopez was and continues being a major source of inspiration and of hair color ideas for brunettes. The Latina has experimented with many hair color and hairstyles but we are totally in awe at this superb brown hair with golden bronze highlights look. Style it in big and loose waves and sweep it over one shoulder and you’ve got an instant stunner!

32. Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Not to be confused with cocoa, this chocolate hair example has the locks dyed in a uniform dark chocolate color. Just as with the delicious treat itself, you can choose your favorite flavor of chocolate and go for milk chocolate, caramel chocolate, or any other shades as well.

33. Cinnamon Brown Hair

Keeping on with the food-inspired hair color for brunettes, we present one inspired by a very popular spice: cinnamon. The rich and warm brown base hair color was made all the more vivid simply by adding cinnamon highlights. Another thing that makes it stand out is the beautiful styling.

34. Dark Copper Highlights

Why settle for one color when you can add several? For a more diverse yet still elegant look, consider adding highlights in different colors but from the same palette. Dark copper, for example, will look beautiful when placed on a brunette base and combined with red and even caramel highlights. Just be sure to blend them in properly for a smooth effect!

35. Light Brown Hair Color Ideas

The balayage here is so perfectly applied that you almost can’t even notice the colors blending into one another. The roots of the hair are a deep dark brown that then falls into caramel, medium natural brown, light natural brown, and then once again darken into medium before ending in deep brown black tips.

36. The Milk Chocolate Look

As mentioned a bit earlier, you can choose your next shade of chocolate depending on your favorite flavor. For example, admire the beauty of milk chocolate hair and see how lustrous it can on hair that was side-parted and straightened to perfection!

37. Brunette Hair Color Ideas with Cappuccino Highlights

From one treat to the next, did you know that you can now wear Cappucino highlights? The different colors of these highlights are meant to replicate the famous Italian coffee-based drink. They do so by starting with a light coffee shade and ending in light ashy tips that replicate the milk.

38. The Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Chestnut brown can be the perfect hair color for the fall as its rich brown shades will go hand in hand with the beautiful shades of nature. However, this pretty hair color will look just as good in any season!

39. Golden Brown Hair Ideas

Golden brown hair is another perfect way to liven up and lighten your hair color and the best thing about it is that you will be doing so without changing the undertones either. While most colors will add a warm undertone, this shade of brown keeps its cold base – and with stunning results.

40. Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

We’ve shown you balayage, now it’s time to rejoice in the beauty of ombre. While the stylist will use balayage to make ombre hair, this latter is characterized by the fact that the transition from one hair shade to the other will be shorter and more obvious. Also, ombre traditionally starts from dark roots.

41. The Dark Chocolate Hair

You’ve seen chocolate and milk chocolate, now revel in the beauty of dark chocolate hair! Admire these luscious waves that glow as they fall down and over the shoulder in gentle waves. Wear them with a center-part or side-swept depending on what looks best on you!

42. Espresso Hair Inspiration

Add a new twist to those curls and make them stand out by dyeing them in an espresso shade. This hair color idea will look just as good on short curly hair as it will do on longer, afro-like hairstyles.

43. Mahogany Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

This stunning shade of mahogany is obtained by blending red with brunette hair to get that perfect reddish-brown color. Some even mix in some dark purple but whether you do so too or not, the result will surely be amazing.

44. Burgundy Hair Color

While the mahogany above was a subtle way of adding red tones to the hair, this shade of burgundy will have you go all out! The color is very vivid and fiery but the fact that it is applied using balayage makes it look more natural thanks to the smooth transition.

45. Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Now, we’ll be looking at some more unconventional hair color ideas for brunettes and we’ll do so by first introducing you to ash brown hair. This color is so dark, that it can easily be mistaken for gray – however, the difference is given by the undertones and, as can be seen in this example, the lighter strands of gray.

46. Dark to Light Blue Hair

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color and to mix and match them in spectacular ways. Take this look, for example, as an example of how you can add a touch of color to that brunette hair and stand out from the crowd. The top knot-like half-up, half-down hairstyle is also a good idea.

47. Brunette Hair Color Ideas with Gray Tips

Another interesting way to color your hair in an unconventional manner – yet still in a subtle way – is to color only the tips. Take this raven hair idea as inspiration and model on how you can add gray only to the lower section of hair or even just the tips. The half-up twisted bun styling is also a great way to accentuate these color differences.

48. Dark Pink Hair With Black Roots

Pink is and will continue being a great color to wear in your hair – and not just by blondes, either. While many think bubblegum pink or rose gold, know that there also shades or dark pink or ash pink that will look gorgeous when combined with brunette hair.

49. Purple Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Even more daring and just as spectacular, you can also go for different shades of purple in your hair. Here, for example, admire the ashy pastel lavender places on really dark brown hair. The color is further accentuated by the hairstyle itself: a textured and layered short pixie cut with shaved sides and undercut.

50. Forest Green Hair

Our last idea for this list of hair color ideas for brunettes has a very fairy-like feel to it. Ignore the preconception that green is the color of the bad guys/girls and go for this beautiful shade of dark forest green hair. It will look just as good on straight hair as it does on these wavy locks.


When it’s all said and done – and after so many great ideas – it is easy to see that dark hair is just as simple to change as the lighter colors. After all, you’ve seen a variety of ways to breathe new life into those dark colors, be it might strategically placed highlights, ombre, balayage, or even as a full-on dye. So which of these hair color ideas for brunettes is your favorite?

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